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Carrera Round Eyeglasses

Carrera™ - 145/V

$72.03 - $90.04

Eyeglasses have become more of a fashion statement than a dire necessity. Carrera glasses first appeared in the mid-fifties; since that time, Carrera has been a standout name in the world of eyewear. Today, it’s a statement brand for people who want to stand out from the crowd. The Carrera eyewear collection includes a variety of styles for women, men, and kids, featured with the brand’s sporty feel signature. Round frames are usually suitable for people with angular faces and vice versa. Made of premium quality materials and boasting genuine Italian design and craftsmanship, Carrera round eyeglasses are the perfect pair for those who believe in the power of “first impression.”

Originally called Wilhelm Anger Werker, Carrera was started in 1956 to make revolutionary sports eyewear. In the 1990s, Carrera was bought by the Safilo group that also owns many other famous brands. Since that time, Carrera has grown into one of the most famous eyewear manufacturers, always one step ahead of the game. All Carrera glasses are built with durability, longevity, and comfort in mind, so it’s no wonder that Carrera is the trusted choice for generations of satisfied customers all over the globe.