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Carrera Eyeglasses for Men

Carrera™ - 8860

$76.58 - $90.04

Carrera™ - 8862

$73.57 - $85.14

Carrera™ - 8859

$86.08 - $94.94

Carrera™ - 248

$79.82 - $82.75

Carrera™ - 249

$80.24 - $82.75

Carrera™ - 243

$73.57 - $85.14

Carrera™ - 1120

$76.07 - $84.17

Carrera™ - 8852

$72.07 - $76.07

The Italian company Carrera was created in 1956 by Wilhelm Anger. The founder was keen on racing, high speed, and risk. So it is no wonder that the name of the brand and the collections were inspired by the spectacular and dangerous race Carrera Panamericana. The founder of the brand, a renowned sports eyewear designer, was actually a pioneer in the plastic eyewear section and sought to lead the sports optics market by offering avant-garde products such as sports eyewear, ski helmets, and sunglasses. Anger invented and patented Optyl, a revolutionary new, hypoallergenic material almost two times lighter than ordinary acetate and has an amazing memory effect, elasticity and comfort. The updated glasses made of innovative material were much weightless compared to the previous versions and had a memory effect.

In the early eighties, Carrera expanded its range of goods by taking on the production of prescription spectacle frames. This brand's eyeglasses are an impeccable addition to the image of fashionable and dynamic men who take everything from life and do not regret anything whatsoever. The most popular and demanded model of sunglasses among men is certainly Aviators. The variety of pilot-shaped glasses in the Carrera collection is truly enormous but that's not all the brand has to offer. For everyday wear, there are classic rectangular eyeglasses, with a hint of retro, which will not leave any lover of fashionable and innovative optics indifferent. Moreover, unique Irregular glasses will be perfect for those men who like to experiment and breathe a new life into their wardrobes. Besides, there are other exquisite eyewear shapes you may like, including Oval glasses, Round frames, Browlines, and others.

The question is, how are you going to choose your ideal shape? To be honest, it may seem like a challenge but it really is easier than you think - you just have to understand what your face type is and then pick an option that is suitable for your particular appearance. For instance, many believe that the owners of Oval faces are the luckiest people on the planet which is quite explainable as most shapes of glasses are fitting. Another example: Round glasses are best for those who have strong lines and angles because this shape softens the facial features and balances them out. It works in the opposite direction as well: if you want to add the missing angles or accentuate them when they're barely visible, you should go for those glasses that feature softness and smoothness. This way, you will get the best result possible.

Besides, there are lots of other shapes of Carrera glasses that you may find intriguing and nice-looking - if you want a particular shape regardless of your face type, do not worry, you simply need to pay attention to proportions and choose the right size. Balance is the key. If you are used to spending your days moving a lot, then you have to get the best wearing experience - Carrera optical frames will let you feel comfortable and have no worries about glasses falling off or rubbing your skin because of having a small size. These spectacles will provide you with a perfect fit allowing you to walk around with maximum convenience. Besides, if you have particular requests in terms of proportions, you can sort the models by size, and then the website will make visible only those frames that will be perfect for you. It is the manufacturers' main goal to make the wearers feel free and confident when putting their eyeglasses on.

Every man can find ideal frames that feature a bold and fashionable design in order not just to provide unparalleled functionality but an eye-catching look as well. To express your masculine energy, Carrera specs are a perfect choice. If you are a man who sticks to neutral and basic colors, we can offer you to pay attention to models made in elegant black, sophisticated brown, rich-looking bronze, simple white, and a variety of pastel tones. Looking for something bolder and brighter? There are exclusive Havana, Tortoise, Glitter, Teal, and Gunmetal combinations of hues. Also, you can through the full assortment of Carrera optical glasses and find both frames and lenses of such colors as red, blue, yellow, pink, violet, green, orange, and other options suitable for fashion-forward and open-minded men who want to create an outstanding and handsome image.

Here are the two key moments that are extremely important aspects of successful brands: first-class materials and excellent craftsmanship. Thankfully, Carrera has it all! The usage of materials of premium quality defines the level of care for the customers and guarantees the products' durability. The well-recognizable eyewear company uses only top-notch metal, plastic, and acetate to produce outstanding, lifelong, and fully-functional optical frames for your needs and requirements. Each pair of eyeglasses features top-quality lenses that guarantee clear and sharp vision. Designed for modern and ambitious men, Carrera's spectacles will serve as long as possible to go side by side with their owner helping to see better and look even more fascinating. We are sure that accessories crafted by this well-known brand will deliver nothing but positive emotions and impressive outfits.

As an official retailer, we offer you a huge selection of Carrera's eyewear. As we have already pointed out, you can use a built-in filtering tool on our website in order to sort all models by sizes, materials, colors, frame types, shapes, and other characteristics. Catchy and suitable for various occasions, eyeglasses from Carrera will become an essential part of your masculine wardrobe adding a touch of elegance, boldness, and creativity to it. Each pair is meant to provide excellent quality, unparalleled functionality, and gorgeous designs suitable for even the most demanding customers. Go ahead, check out the full assortment of Carrera's optical frames and choose that pair of spectacles that you find astonishing and stylish. Be sure that experiments are as welcome as sticking to basic and neutral options for everyday use. Improve your sight and create a brand-new image in just a second.