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Carrera Eyeglasses for Kids

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Some kids need eyeglasses from the very first year of life when they act as a kind of simulator, which is designed to help the adequate formation and development of their vision. If the doctor has prescribed glasses for your child, then, before going to the optician to buy children's glasses, you first need to find out what types of kid's spectacle frames exist and then choose the frame that you find most suitable. When choosing frames for children's glasses, it must be borne in mind that for each age there is a certain type of frames, created taking into account the anatomical features for each age. Moreover, in addition to eyeglasses, kids need protection from the sun no less than adults, and maybe even more because ultraviolet radiation can harm the delicate children's retina and lens and can cause vision problems. Therefore, it is important from an early age to accustom the child to the fact that on a hot sunny day, adding sunglasses to a panama hat or cap is a necessity. It would be a mistake to believe that frames for children and adolescents differ from adult frames only in size. The most important requirement for kids’ eyeglasses and sunnies is safety. There should be no crushing parts, sharp attachments, burrs, or roughness. It is also preferable to choose a hypoallergenic material. Glasses should in no way hinder the children's freedom, keeping them from participating in active games. The frame must be able to withstand bumps, falls, and other annoyances. Carrera kids' eyeglasses are the perfect choice in every way. The brand's collections feature stylish, vibrant eyewear pieces made from lightweight, safe materials such as Carrera's patented Optyl material. Carrera's comfortable eyeglasses for kids are made to wear for a long time. The brand is associated with adventure, excitement, spontaneity, and pleasure - just everything that is characteristic of children who are curious and are constantly on the move.