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Carrera Eyeglasses for Women

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Products: 124 of 206


The creator of the popular Carrera brand Wilhelm Anger, inspired by the passion for racing, has developed the unique Carrera sports glasses, specially designed for comfortable wearing during sports. Initially, the company specialized in ski equipment - helmets, masks, sports goggles. But after the invention of the innovative material Optyl, the range of the brand was replenished with sunglasses, as well as an improved collection of sports models. A unique feature of Optyl was that it had the Flexolite memory effect. The new material was able to adapt to the shape of the face, it was hypoallergenic, with increased resistance to sweat and cosmetics. A lot of Carrera sunglasses are made from this material. In 1981, the company first began producing prescription spectacle frames. Each model of the brand is designed with the utmost care. Mindful attention to detail, eye-catching designs with a light vintage touch make Carrera glasses a stunning accessory. Original eyeglasses from Carrera have a large audience of fans among athletes, celebrities, and stylish lovers of the brand's unique design. Carrera's optical frames are very popular among men and women. The impeccable design, craftsmanship, materials of first-class quality make glasses indispensable for fashionable women who always want to be a front-runner, wherever they go.