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David Beckham Eyeglasses for Men

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David Beckham™ - DB 7034


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David Beckham remains the top scorer among the world's most stylish men. A true English dandy, he was the first to dispel the myth that football players are unpretentious in matters of wardrobe. Moreover, he is considered a style icon, and among many other famous athletes, he always stands out, balancing between comfortable every day and strict classical looks. David regularly collaborates with popular brands like H&M and Belstaff and participates in advertising campaigns for other well-known brands. Having mastered the fashion world, he decided to become a participant and the creator of an irreplaceable fashion accessory - glasses for men.

In January 2020, the men's David Beckham Eyewear collection was launched which embodied casual British style with a timeless vintage feel. The collection demonstrates DB monograms and consists of sunglasses and optical frames made of lightweight materials with special mineral, polarized or photochromic lenses. Acetate and metal models feature exclusive masculine designs, handcrafted craftsmanship, innovative technical features, and special details. The elegant color palette includes warm Havana options and classic, galvanized metal tones paired with lenses in brown, gray, or lighter shades of green, yellow, or azure blue. The collection reflects the style of David himself and there is no doubt that David Beckham's eyeglasses will meet the tastes and demands of the most demanding clients.

The famous football player has never hidden his passion for stylish and high-quality eyewear. Therefore, there is no doubt that David Beckham eyeglasses will meet the most demanding taste. Created in Milan, Italy's fashion capital, David Beckham eyewear is presented on the market in a variety of collections that combine sophistication and style. The whole collection is a bold experiment with colors and materials that reflect the individual taste of David Beckham himself. Beckham entrusted the production of eyeglasses to the Italian company Safilo, which makes optical products for such fashion houses as Dior and Givenchy, Max Mara, and Jimmy Choo. Beckham actively participated in the design of each model to create unique eyewear that reflects his own style. The football player himself prefers a strict style in clothes and accessories, which is ideally combined with his masculine appearance and many tattoos all over his body. Imitating the style of a football player is undeniably a great solution for many men. 

Beckham's latest collection of eyeglasses and sunglasses is dominated by classic models: Aviators, Browliners (a model with small rounded lenses and a wide top), and Wayfarers. David Beckham himself is actively involved in the development of each frame model. He carefully monitors the quality of any copy that goes on sale. Note that the collection of men's eyeglasses David Beckham perfectly reflects the personal views of the football player. The brand team made sure that as many people as possible will receive what they want. Wayfarers, as one of the most common models of the David Beckham brand, are trapezoidal frames. It is thanks to their configuration that such products have become a symbol of style in society. This is an invariably relevant and luxurious form of frames that can bring a touch of chic and elegance to any look. Wayfarers are chosen by many celebrities who especially appreciate elegance and stylish chic. Wayfarer eyeglasses suit almost everyone and look great on almost any face shape - triangular, oval, diamond-shaped, round, etc. 

Browlines from David Beckham are models with a thicker upper part of the frame. The very form of such eyewear first appeared in the 50s of the last century. Browline eyewear will be a great addition to a business look. The model looks great in combination with a strict business suit in the image. David Beckham’s Aviators are one of the most common and sought-after frame styles. Such models are complemented by drop-shaped lenses. A distinctive feature of Aviator eyeglasses is a thin metal frame and matching temples. This form can certainly be called a timeless classic. It fits perfectly into any wardrobe. There is no doubt that David Beckham eyeglasses will meet the taste and needs of even the most demanding customers. Mostly the collection consists of models that combine bold experiments with materials and colors. All this perfectly reflects the individual style of the footballer himself. 

In addition to their direct purpose, eyeglasses today are also a means of self-expression, as they perfectly emphasize your inner world. Medical frames require regular use, therefore, it is worth carefully approaching the issue of their choice. Eyewear will give you the opportunity to look stylish, status, and elegant. Why should you choose models from David Beckham? There are many reasons for this, but we will highlight the main points. First of all, it is an original design. Eyeglasses from this brand create a unique image, perfect for everyday wear. Secondly, there are a variety of models. David Beckham sunglasses and medical eyeglass frames are available for purchase at EyeOns in a variety of shapes. And thirdly, it's high quality. David Beckham personally watches over the quality of the materials used to make the frames of his brand, he makes sure that the products are the best option that combines functionality, aesthetic appearance, and practicality. Do not save on your health and choose only high-quality accessories at EyeOns.