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Henau Glasses and Eyewear

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Henau's frames and sunglasses complete the sophisticated look created by the brand's collections of accessories: classic shapes, graceful lines, and noble shades - the perfect choice for all time. The brand's glasses literally in a matter of days became incredibly popular among fashionistas, winning their favor with their unsurpassed design and signature elegance. The very first collection of sunglasses and frames exceeded all expectations, demonstrating an amazing combination of classic motifs and the latest trends, aristocracy, and pragmatism, offering customers a huge selection of models for both men and women. Henau presents eyewear collections in which chic, originality, and creativity are harmoniously combined with elegance and manufacturability.

The Henau designers offer a variety of shapes and solutions: from the classic inverted trapeze to round and square frames with spectacular prints. Every year, the Henau eyewear collection is completely updated, which further fuels interest in the products of this brand. Without going beyond the classic outlines, and constantly experimenting with shape and silhouette, the company's designers give free rein to their imagination, thanks to which eyewear models appear that pleasantly surprise customers with a variety of styles and shapes. Men's models of branded glasses, with all their severity of form, conquer with their conciseness and restrained energy of success, and square frames deliberately emphasize the fashionable style of a gentleman, which if not every stylish man aspires to, then certainly most of them.

Henau Eyewear

Henau women's eyewear is the standard of style and sensation at the same time. Absolutely everything is thought out in them: frames made of the most durable materials, versatility, classic and retro forms. For some people, the design of Henau glasses may seem too ordinary, but this impression is erroneous since it is thanks to him that the simultaneous combination of luxury and comfort comes to life. The right choice of frames can perfectly emphasize the dignity of appearance, making a person's face truly beautiful. In the manufacture of glasses, only high-quality and highly environmentally friendly materials are used, among which the main ones are, first of all, acetate. Sunglasses lenses are made of the most modern durable polymers, which provide the glasses not only with unsurpassed lightness but also excellent impact resistance.

Henau optical collections became another proof of the harmonious combination of classics and modern fashion. Adhering to the overall aesthetics of the brand, designers create elegant frames with distinctive characters. These are stylish bright accessories that can highlight the individuality of their owner. At the same time, their design is characterized by ingenious simplicity. The main priority of this Belgian brand is customer care. With all wishes, all comments, and advice, the company perceives the positive side and tries to bring them into its new developments. Henau products have long earned world recognition of people, and therefore this brand is actively developing year by year.


Nowadays, eyewear has become a true must-have of any fashionista, expressing and emphasizing its owner’s personality and character. A logical evolution: since glasses are the first thing people notice when they meet someone, why not make the most of this opportunity to make the right impression? That is why the Henau designer Marc Delagrange, optics and modern art aesthete, showcases glasses as haute couture: elegant objects without affecting functionality and comfort. Mass production, in his opinion, should cease to be in such demand. Henau swears by unique, hand-drawn designs, profiling itself as a true eyewear couturier. Designer Marc Delagrange doesn’t shy away from unconventional views or innovations. The passion and pride of the creators provide excellent original designs of the trademark and push the brand to the constant development of technology.

Henau Sunglasses

The Henau company seeks to fully honor craftsmanship and add it to its portfolio, to enrich it with its own avant-garde designs, full of character. This vision and approach are paying off: today Henau’s glasses are being sold in 30 countries, by over 750 opticians. Even though the brand has a great international allure, Henau’s home base will always be Belgium, since craftsmanship is one of the brand's core beliefs. The team handed over the assembly to the specialists in France because that simply is where the best talents are. The main goal of Henau is to design eyewear that perfectly matches any face, personal preference, and character. 100% Belgian glasses blend optical functionality with avant-garde design and typical craftsmanship character. A trendy look that exudes timelessness.


The Henau brand was founded in the late 90s-early 2000s by two opticians - Michael Henau and Marc Delagrange. On September 25, the 28th award ceremony for the winners of the prestigious Silmo d’Or optical industry competition took place in Paris as part of the Silmo-2021 International Optical Exhibition. The jury that year was headed by a talented designer and set designer Jean-Christophe Leblanc. In the Medical Frames, Spectacle Designer category, Henau won the award for Lunam, round glasses that combine cellulose acetate with titanium to enhance the wearer's character. Only innovative materials and high-tech equipment were used in the production. The appearance of frames was developed by the best designers who combine timeless classics with the latest trends.

Henau Frames

“High optical fashion” - this category includes the products of the Belgian company Henau Eyewear. Henau brand frames and sunglasses are the perfect balance of functionality, comfort, and avant-garde design. The creators and designers of Henau optical models believe that since glasses are an accessory that people pay attention to in the first place, they must be perfect, that is, everything in them - shape, a combination of shades and textures - should impress and emphasize the individuality of the owner. Henau frames are able to make life more colorful, with their bright colors and original shapes, they add positivity to gray everyday life. White, red, and blue are the basis of the latest optical collections of the brand. Probably, people love these magnificent accessories for the optimistic mood they give. The owner of such a frame feels free and independent.