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HUGO BOSS Eyeglasses for Women

Hugo Boss™ - HG 0233

$77.58 - $86.98

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1008

$73.57 - $80.66

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1016

$73.57 - $82.08

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1042

$77.08 - $79.58

Hugo Boss™ - HG 0202

$80.66 - $83.33

Hugo Boss™ - HG 0257

$78.40 - $80.66

Hugo Boss™ - HG 0312

$83.00 - $83.30

Hugo Boss™ - HG 0323

$73.50 - $75.99

Hugo Boss™ - HG 0328

$78.40 - $80.66

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1012

$73.50 - $75.99

Hugo Boss™ - HG 0184

$78.32 - $82.08

Hugo Boss™ - HG 1045

$80.66 - $82.08

A famous German manufacturer Hugo Boss was launched in 1970, and in 1989, it expanded its assortment and debuted with the incredible eyewear series. Sophisticated details, classic looks, great attention to the tiniest details, and top-quality materials are the main characteristics of Hugo Boss eyeglass collections for women. Today, the company is well-recognized worldwide by its labels "Hugo by Hugo Boss" and "Boss by Hugo Boss". Distinctive prescription spectacles are designed with the same sense of style as the famed brand's apparel. The brand uses the latest technologies and the most experienced artisans to create excellent glasses ideal for work or the weekend.

Optical frames for women are offered in various styles, including vintage frames with an accent of contemporary fashion, modern silhouettes that feature trendy images, and classic shapes that look graceful and feminine. No matter what style you choose, the stylish accessory will fit any situation perfectly. Square, oval, circular, and rectangular spectacles are offered in a range of colors to complete any outfit and match any face shape. Every pair of Hugo Boss eyeglasses is designed for a fashion-forward and confident woman who wants to make a fashion statement wearing exceptional, bold, and distinctive frames.

Recently, glasses are increasingly used by many people not only as a means of vision correction but also as a fashion accessory, an addition to the image. One of the main points to pay attention to when choosing Hugo Boss glasses is the right frame. It should be not only beautiful but also necessarily comfortable, especially if you need to wear glasses all the time. When choosing a frame, you should pay attention to some nuances. The frame should match your characteristics in appearance. For example, a blue frame, or a frame with blue accents, is best suited for blue eyes. The shape of the frame should be the opposite of the shape of your face. The size of the frame should be commensurate with the size of the face. Next, you need to determine your face structure, as well as the color scheme and the material from which the frame is made.

Eyeglass frame color should complement your own colors, which include skin tone (warm or cool), skin color (white to dark), and hair color. If your colors are light (for example, you are blonde with ivory skin), then muted clear frames are more suitable for you. Blondes can also try on metal spectacle frames in dark havana and pink havana colors. If you have darker skin (for example, olive shade) and brown hair, then you can try on light brown frames or pink eyeglass frames. Almost all metal eyeglass frames go well with dark skin color and black hair. With reddish brown and red hair, plastic or metal spectacle frames in white tones go well. Ash-colored hair is suitable for both monochromatic spectacle frames and frames made in a wide range of colors. Darker hair calls for brighter colors, although black eyeglass frames can also work well, which you can also find in the product catalog of our online store.

How to choose a frame for glasses? It can be metal or plastic. The first is graceful, subtle, and has exquisite shades. Models made of plastic are lighter and can be of the most unusual shapes and all kinds of colors. In addition, they better protect the lenses from cracks when dropped. There are also combined frames: the frame for the lenses consists of plastic, and the arms are made of metal. This makes the accessory lighter and more convenient. A good option is titanium, which has established itself in the market as a shock-resistant material. The shape of the glasses depends on the type of face, they are most often chosen according to the principle of opposites. For rounded soft features, straighter and more angular models are suitable, and vice versa, owners of clear lines choose Cat-eye or oval ones. An oval face is considered perfect due to the balance of proportions. In order not to disturb this perfect natural balance, you should choose a frame that matches the width of the widest part of the face.

Glasses are an indispensable accessory that allows you to emphasize the femininity and elegance of every woman. Eyeons online store's product catalog brings together high-quality eyewear from reputable brands such as Prada, Tommy Hilfiger, Oakley, and many more. Today, every woman can choose the best sunglasses at an attractive price in the Eyeons catalog and become the owner of a fashion accessory that will become an excellent addition to the image. If you have already gone to the ophthalmologist and found out that the glasses are prescribed to be worn on an ongoing basis, then they must meet two parameters. The first is comfort, which includes a proper fit on the bridge of the nose, and no pressure on the temples. Also, the pair should not fall when leaning forward. The second point is an attractive appearance. The frame should be chosen in accordance with the shape and features of the face, as well as fit the style. It is these characteristics that each Hugo Boss eyewear model successfully combines.