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Aviator Eyeglasses for Men & Women

Carrera™ - 248

$56.9 - $80.24

Marcolin™ - MA3001

$82.72 - $98

Marcolin™ - MA3022

$80.08 - $82.72

Timberland™ - TB1630

$89.02 - $99.37

Timberland™ - TB1645

$70.75 - $111.55

Timberland™ - TB1676

$87.52 - $89.02

Nowadays a lot of different shapes of eyeglasses exist. You can notice Rectangle glasses, round, square, Cat-eye, oval, etc. But the most popular and high-fashion is Aviator eyewear. There are a lot of reasons for their popularity. This shape is considered universal and matches most of the wardrobe. Plus, they can supplement any of your outfits and they will become an integral part of your lifestyle accessories. This pilot accessory set the tone for decades in the eyewear fashionable industry, being a style symbol of coolness, chic, and activity. Such eyeglasses will definitely emphasize your facial features, especially cheekbones. Undoubtedly they will emphasize your unique and stunning taste in fashion too. 

The name of the Aviator model is historically precise. Roughly one hundred years ago a new type of anti-glare goggles was requested by U.S. Army Air Corps which had to be specially adapted for high-altitude flying. So glasses of aviator-style having metal framing and large teardrop-shaped lenses have been designed by famous optical products manufacturer Bausch & Lomb. They had an anti-glare coating that eliminated reflections from the surface of lenses. First Aviators were fitted with green tinted lenses - at that time they were considered to be the best for eyes protection not influencing color perception. A famous Corps D-1 eyewear that was crafted by American Optical was the first Aviator sunglasses contracted by the US military. 

A few years later the company called the brand Ray-Ban and Aviator sunglasses which were created for life above clouds came down to earth and started selling out to the public. Historically, these glasses were created to protect and improve the vision of US military pilots. In addition, eyeglasses help prevent eye disease related to the sun. It is undoubtedly that this eyewear help to see more clearly and enjoy the view better than without it. And you don’t need to strain your eyes to see better if you are wearing eyeglasses. Due to this feature, you will be able to avoid headaches and migraines.  Aviator glasses are also a great option for prescription eyeglasses, which can create a sophisticated bold fashion-forward style for the wearer of this iconic and timeless accessory.

In today's life Aviators had a connection to casual and sports styles and are a staple in many eyewear collections. These eyeglasses are unisex and look great both on men and women being an indispensable accessory for outdoor activity, including traveling, driving, fishing, and piloting, of course. For such actions, you can’t find better glasses than Aviator. Everyone began to notice such eyewear in daily life with daily outfits. This is due to their convenience in wearing and ability to cope well with the protection function from harmful ultraviolet rays and the sun. In addition, eyeglasses will help protect your eyes if they are recovering from a procedure and you will be able to avoid headaches and migraines.  

Women's and men’s Aviator eyeglasses are crafted from high-quality and top-rated materials. The most popular and comfortable is carbon fiber.  Glasses made from this material are the lightest in comparison with all other stuff that is accessible on the market.  Approximately, it is half the weight of titanium eyewear. In addition, carbon fiber material resists moisture and doesn’t rust. An important feature is that such eyeglasses won’t bend or change in hot weather. If you experience allergic reactions or skin irritation from metal frames, you should consider this material for daily use. When you choose carbon fiber eyewear, you automatically choose light-weight, flexible, and with no risk of deformation.

Another highly-innovative material is flexible metal. Eyewear made from this material can «keep in mind» its original shape. So, it means when glasses are bent out of place, they will return to their original shape over and over again.  It is really a pleasure to know that you don’t have to worry about eyeglasses wearing out or losing their original look. Moreover, glasses made of this material are comfortable even if you don’t take them all day. These characteristics give a sensation of natural lightness and legerity. Also, they have hypoallergenic qualities that are weighty and important for everyone. You can easily take such eyeglasses everywhere because they can easily slip into your small purse or pocket due to their lightweight. 

It is so convenient to know that you can not worry about the eyeglasses wearing out or losing their original appearance. You can find different colors of Aviator eyeglasses that are modern and elegant. They are available even in combinations of colors that will definitely draw all the attention to you and you will be in the spotlight. Accessible in a number of sizes they guarantee you a perfect fit. All the classic Aviator sunglasses come with a choice of lenses, including Polarized lenses for improved clarity and contrast. In addition, the optical eyewear featured innovative lens technology that reduces the feeling of eye fatigue due to excessive use of gadgets and also improves visual comfort. Find such Aviator eyeglasses at our shop online.