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Ic! Berlin Rectangle Eyeglasses

Ic! Berlin™ - Dennis N.

$479.00 - $565.00

Ic! Berlin™ - Peggy L.

$519.00 - $555.00

Ic! Berlin™ - Silicon

$519.00 - $575.00

Nowadays, eyeglasses are among the latest fashion tools for men and women alike. They are the first thing to catch the eye and make a lasting impression. By the way, your choice of specs gives you a great way to express your personality and unique fashion sense. If you appreciate excellent quality and great functional design, ic! Berlin eyeglasses are just what you need. Proudly designed in the company’s state-of-the-art facility, each piece of eyewear is handcrafted with extra care and attention to detail, resulting in incredible customer satisfaction around the globe.

Famed for its patented screwless frame design and stainless steel lines, ic! Berlin is one of the most innovative brands in Europe. Founded in the late nineties in Berlin, the company has been well received by superstars and celebs, gaining international recognition. When you hold a pair of ic! Berlin glasses in your hands, they captivate with their remarkable shape retention, light weight, and outstanding flexibility. Take a look at our latest collection of ic! Berlin rectangle specs and choose the perfect pair of lightweight and extremely stylish handmade eyeglasses that are sure to impress.