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Products: 124 of 611


Ic! Berlin is a world-famous German eyewear brand, popular among the most notable celebrities of the 21st century, including Brad Pitt, Madonna, Hugh Grant, Bruce Willis, Albert I. von Monaco, Vincent Edward "Bo" Jackson, Dennis Hopper, and many more. The manufacturer has always been pushing the boundaries to create quality, innovative, and authentic eyewear. Each and every pair of glasses is handcrafted with great care and attention to the smallest detail. The brand is known for its extravagant, one-of-a-kind frame shapes, the skillful mix of different colors and materials as well as the patented Ic! Berlin screw less hinge design, which avoids the use of any welds, screws, or glue in the construction of the frames.

Whoever you are, an architect, politician, musician, scientist, or whatever your field is, if you belong to those people who like and are not afraid to express themselves, their thoughts and feelings, Ic! Berlin eyeglasses are designed especially for you! Each and every frame is carefully handcrafted with a creative and rebellious individual in mind. Standing apart from traditional eyewear fashion, the brand creates authentic spectacles appreciated by both a designer elite and everyone with an eye for high design. Look through the collection of ground-breaking Ic! Berlin eyeglasses and pick up a pair that will perfectly complement your style and personality.