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ic! Berlin Eyeglasses for Women

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Products: 124 of 338


Since its foundation in 1996, Ic! Berlin has been striving to see things from different perspectives in order to provide their customers with the opportunity to express themselves through the unique and distinctive eyewear. Today, it is an industry –trusted brand, appreciated by famous actors and artists, influential politicians, outstanding athletes and thousands of other people with an eye for high design. Ic! Berlin specializes in producing top-grade sunglasses and optical frames for men, women and kids. Each and every pair of glasses features original, no-screw hinge design combined with robust yet lightweight construction.

Our exclusive range of Ic! Berlin women’s eyeglasses includes everything from classic, elegant silhouettes to sporty and bold frames. If you’re a sophisticated and intelligent woman, look through the Classic Collection that offers reinterpreted classic styles with a modern twist. Silk Collection includes the lightest and thinnest optical frames, inspired by minimalist Scandinavian design. For those girls who like active lifestyle and prefer more casual, sporty looks, the Ic! Berlin Urban Collection is a perfect choice. These eyeglasses are an impressive mix of durable stainless steel construction and colorful rubber accents, which makes them an excellent choice for everyday work, sports, and active city living.