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ic! Berlin Eyeglasses for Men

Ic! Berlin™ - Geoffrey

$443.00 - $465.00

Ic! Berlin™ - Elias

$455.00 - $465.00

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Ic! Berlin™ - MB 07

$510.00 - $693.00

Ic! Berlin™ - Oscar

$455.00 - $465.00

Ic! Berlin™ - Theda

$455.00 - $465.00

Extremely light, unbelievably flexible, and crafted to last a lifetime, ic! berlin eyeglasses for men are crafted by the hand of the most skilled masters in the heart of Berlin. The famous eyewear manufacturer crafts elegant and modern frames using top-rated materials, including high-quality acetate, 0.5mm stainless steel, and 3D printed polyamide. Every pair of men's RX glasses is available with its popular and innovative interlocking hinge. You can easily break it down into individual pieces and reassemble in minutes with no extra tool and professional help. Ic! Berlin men's prescription frames have no welds, no glues, no screws, and no witchcraft!

If you are searching for durable and fashionable glasses, pay attention to incredible collections of ic! berlin RX frames, designed for modern and self-confident men who want to wear only eye-catching and elegant accessories. Extraordinary and award-winning designs will complete your everyday outfit with excellent comfort and unmatched functionality from the well-known German manufacturer. Unique and weightless, ic! berlin men's eyewear is designed with passion and attention to detail, produced with technical precision, and handcrafted with care and love. Discover our wide catalog of ultra-durable glasses paired with top-quality prescription lenses to match your vision needs.

When you are holding a pair of ic! berlin men's prescription frames in your hands, it's easy to feel its amazing flexibility, weightlessness, and excellent design. When you are wearing these extra-comfortable and full-function spectacles, the whole world becomes brighter and clearer! Virtually indestructible, ic! berlin men's glasses do not allow for compromises because they cannot lose any part or component thanks to a special removable clip that holds the temple and frame together tight. On EyeOns, we offer the latest collections of ic! berlin glasses frames for men in various shapes, colors, materials, and sizes to suit your needs and requirements.         

Browse through a wide selection of ic! berlin full-rimmed and semi-rimless prescription frames for men, offered in different silhouettes, including rectangular, aviators, square, wayfarer, oval, and many others to match your face shape and taste. Try thin and elegant metal and titanium spectacles in various finishes and tones, or choose from thicker and bolder ic! berlin acetate frames for men, introduced in a great range of attractive colors and shapes. Our virtual eyewear store offers 100% authentic, eye-catching, and fashionable ic! berlin reading glasses for men proudly made in Germany to match any modern wardrobe and suit your vision needs perfectly. 

If you’re on the hunt for a pair of highly reliable and comfortable eyeglasses for men with a masculine and elegant look, ic! berlin is the brand to rely on! While playing with the shapes and volumes, the manufacturer does not sacrifice that super-lightweight feel it is famous for. By utilizing the latest techniques and innovative technologies, the company managed to create durable yet flexible frames. All ic! berlin RX frames for men feature the exclusive screwless hinge design, which avoids the use of any welds, screws, or glue. That allows for a smooth connection, unparalleled fit, and a seamless look.

When it comes to design, amazing collections of ic! berlin men’s eyeglasses include everything from extravagant and chic to subtle and minimalist, so everyone can find a pair to complement their unique style and personality. Pay your attention to the exclusive new line of ic! berlin men's acetate frames, which complements the metal Classic Collection with iconic shapes, impressive looks, and new bold colors. These glasses are perfect for those men who enjoy urban aesthetics and an active lifestyle. Being crafted by hand in German manufactory, ic! berlin men's prescription frames show milling marks and are not polished for a charismatic and true industrial look.