ic! Berlin Eyeglasses for Men

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Products: 124 of 471


If you’re in hunt for a pair of highly reliable and comfortable eyeglasses with a masculine and elegant look, Ic! Berlin is the brand to rely on! While playing with the shapes and volumes, the manufacturer does not sacrifice that super-lightweight feel it is famous for. By utilizing the latest techniques and innovative technologies, the company managed to create durable yet flexible frames. All frames feature the exclusive screw less hinge design, which avoids the use of any welds, screws, or glue. That allows for a smooth connection, unparalleled fit, and a seamless look.

When it comes to the design, the collection of Ic! Berlin men’s eyeglasses includes everything from extravagant and chic to subtle and minimalist, so everyone can find a pair to complement their unique style and personality. At the beginning of 2021, Ic! Berlin launched an exclusive new line of acetate frames, which complements the metal Classics Collection with iconic shapes and new bold colors. These glasses are perfect for those men who enjoy urban aesthetics and an active lifestyle. Being crafted by hand in German manufactory, the frames show milling marks and are not polished for a charismatic and true industrial look.