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Marc Jacobs Sunglasses for Men

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Products: 124 of 59

Marc Jacobs is an eminent contemporary designer who is known for creating a special style of urban fashion - a little preppy combined with grunge and with the addition of haute couture. This particular style got the name of "super casual". The fashion designer is also known for his unconventional and sometimes scandalous advertising campaigns featuring artists, directors, actors, and Mark himself. While still a student, Mark met Robert Duffy, who became his partner for many years. They opened Jacobs Duffy Designs Inc. In the late 1980s, the friends went to work for Perry Ellis, where Jacobs created women's collections, for which he won the 1992 Designer of the Year award. In 1994, the designer presented the first collection of menswear, which was made in the spirit of smart casual. 

In 1997, Marc was appointed chief designer of the French fashion house Louis Vuitton. He has collaborated with contemporary artists and musicians to create vibrant and unusual collections of clothing and accessories, including sunglasses and ophthalmic frames.The Marc Jacobs men's sunglasses collection has sophisticated retro shapes that look elegant and chic with a touch of glamor. A sense of stylish simplicity, combined with bold design decisions, creates a polished image, while the use of high-quality materials and attention to detail win the hearts of buyers who want to express their individuality.