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Marc Jacobs was born and raised in New York city, which has had a significant impact on his creativity and understanding of modern urban style. Ever since childhood, he was interested in fashion, first working as a salesman in one store of avant-garde clothing, and then receiving his education at the New York school of design. During his studies, he had already received a number of awards for his first collections, which declared himself as a talented young fashion designer with a unique vision and reflection of fashion trends. The history of the Marc Jacobs brand dates back to 1986, when the women's collection was first shown to the New York public, after which Mark was recognized as a new talent and received an award from the American Federation of Fashion Designers itself. 

Throughout his history, Marc Jacobs has managed not only to firmly establish himself as one of the most prominent representatives of the fashion industry, but also to introduce a number of innovations, without which modern life would not be so bright. Today the brand creates not only fashionable clothes, but also accessories. Sunglasses from Marc Jacobs are sure included in every woman's wish list. The brand's eyewear collections showcase the highest quality materials, attention to the smallest details and a combination of trendy colors and vintage shapes. Any pair of glasses from Marc Jacobs is able to create a unique impression of exquisite and elegant image, emphasizing the femininity and sophistication of the person who wears this fashion accessory.