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Montblanc Eyeglasses

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Products: 124 of 283


Established in 1906 in Germany, Montblanc is a luxury brand whose products are associated with status, exclusivity and high-end quality. The company was founded by stationery merchant Claus-Johannes Voss, engineer August Eberstein and banker Alfred Nehemias whose idea was to create a company noted for its manufacture of unequaled fountain pens. The first Montblanc fountain pen appeared in 1908. From that time Montblanc is a symbol of unrivaled mastery, finest materials and imaginative designs which guarantee tasteful accessories. For many years prominent persons of the business and cultural elite have chosen timeless Montblanc products.

The Montblanc collection of frames and sunglasses is designed in the same style as other products of this luxury brand. Stunning classic designs are decorated with the star - an iconic brand element. All models are made of modern materials - acetate, special metal alloys, high-strength steel and titanium. Eyeglasses have a classic, elegant style and look very impressive and contemporary. Everything which you expect from the brand of premium level of quality - mastery, innovative unmatched designs, durability and comfort is combined in fashionable Montblanc eyewear. You can add some accents into your stylish image with plenty of colors and finishes used for frames from traditional hues of tortoiseshell, black, and brown, to more contemporary and fresh tones.