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Oakley Eyeglasses for Women

Oakley™ - OX8106

$85.09 - $116.83

Oakley™ - OX1089

$121.35 - $122.35

Oakley™ - OX1091

$85.09 - $127.72

Oakley™ - OX1126

$95.20 - $121.51

Oakley™ - OX1127

$104.40 - $119.07

Oakley™ - OX1129

$99.61 - $126.77

Oakley™ - OX1131

$92.85 - $111.19

Oakley™ - OX1134

$99.61 - $111.19

Oakley™ - OX1135

$92.85 - $126.77

In 1975, California-based Jim Jannard decided to use a unique rubber compound called "Unobtainium" for his motorcycle grips. As a passionate motocross fan, he wanted to eliminate poor grip on the steering wheel while driving. Jim started selling grips and named his startup The Oakley Grip. This way after entering the motocross and BMX industries, he took up the production of glasses. By 1980, Jim had gained experience and released the first motocross goggles called O-Frames. Then in 1984, the company released Eyeshade sunglasses. Their futuristic design and comfortable fit very quickly attracted the attention of cyclists, because such comfortable and light frames did not exist then.

The design and manufacture of sunglasses are the backbone of Oakley's business. For more than 40 years of work in this field, the brand has managed to become a world leader in the industry, and the assortment of goods produced under the Oakley logo has expanded significantly. In addition to professional sports sunglasses and protective equipment, the brand has released new models in a classic and modern youth style for both men and women. If you are looking for contemporary and durable eyeglasses with a sporty touch, choose from the Oakley collection of optical frames for women. The extensive choice of fashionable and bold glasses offered in various colors and shapes is for those women who prefer creative styles with no compromises to performance. Every pair of stunning eyeglasses is made from lightweight and sturdy materials patented by the brand.

Every woman wants to be beautiful and charming. And in this, she is helped not only by beautiful clothes but also by stylish accessories. One of them, which has a special role, is women's eyeglasses. A properly selected accessory emphasizes the features of the person, hides small flaws, or focuses attention on certain details. This accessory for women plays the role of a stylish addition to the look. Therefore, they use it to emphasize the features of their face or to hide any minor flaws. Fortunately, a wide selection of Oakley eyewear in our online store allows you to solve this problem and proudly presents you with not only eyeglasses, but also beautiful sunglasses, such as Oakley Fogskins. Oakley was at the forefront of the modern optics industry and continues to be one of the main trendsetters in it. The eye-catching designs, expensive materials, and high quality of the lenses have made them in demand and have led to the brand's rapid growth in popularity and the emergence of numerous fans who know they can trust Oakley. Today, Oakley ranks with some of the most popular sports eyewear brands such as Carrera, Tommy Hilfiger, and others. EyeOns online store offers a large model range of these brands with fast delivery. 

Oakley is a world leader in the production of glasses for athletes. Over 44 years of operation, the company registered 600 patents for its inventions. Oakley products are for champions who never give up and improve every day. The founder of the company, Jim Jannard, a motocross athlete, was an original person who craved discoveries in the world of sports. He invented a unique, ultra-strong material - Unobtanium, which resembles rubber. The material does not slip, does not wear or tear, and is also able to absorb sweat. Initially, it was used for throttle handles on motorcycles, now it is used to make eyeglass earpieces. Thanks to Unobtanium, which was used for creating the simple and charming Oakley Gascan model, the glasses fit comfortably on the face and do not slip during active moves. Reliable technologies ensure clear vision and reduce eye fatigue. Oakley is a brand that can be called one of the most creative on the modern optics market. Carefully selected color combinations and decorative elements are typical for both women's and men's glasses of the brand.

Oakley wowed the public with its sports-style eyewear made from a unique C5 metal alloy that is heavily used in aerospace technology. The main component of the alloy is aluminum, which gives frames lightness and strength. If your life is full of activities, like tennis, golf, volleyball, or even soccer, then check out the Oakley metal frames. The sporty, face-hugging frame, complemented by special inserts made of non-slip rubber material, provides excellent fixation of the goggles on the face and the necessary protection. The peculiarity of this material is that when moisture gets on it, the adhesion characteristics only increase in it. Most of the Oakley eyewear frames are made using Three-Point-Fit technology. This is a special design system that calculates the position of glasses on the face from three points. This feature guarantees excellent fixation and automatically keeps the center of the optical lens in the exact geometric position relative to the eyes - for comfortable use of glasses with diopters during active movements.

Oakley's latest solution is women's and men's frames using TrueBridge technology. All people have their own features of the structure of the nose, and conventional manufacturers average the width and height of the bridge of the nose of the frame. Oakley engineers came up with a great alternative: a nose pad attachment system to the frame, which allows you to quickly and independently change its type to the right one for a particular situation. Oakley's TrueBridge range of frames comes with a choice of four different sizes of nose pads. A great example of such an innovation is Oakley Clifden, which will amuse you with its practicality and functionality. The brand’s assortment of women's eyeglasses and sunglasses reflects the spirit of the brand. In addition to using modern technologies, the company’s team also cares about the appearance of its products. Elegant Butterfly or Cat-Eye shapes, natural brown or blue shades, and elegant finishing of the glasses will help to create a refined and sophisticated image for every woman.