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Polaroid 2023 Eyewear Collection

Polaroid is one of the most famous optical brands in the world. The company owes its birth and subsequent prosperity to Edwin Herbert Land, an outstanding physicist, and industrialist from the US state of Connecticut, who has 535 patents for various inventions. One of the most important innovations that gave it its immortal fame dates back to 1929: it is a synthetic light polarizer, which to this day is the basis of all polarized lenses used in sunglasses and cameras, as well as the forerunner of the new generation UltraSight polarized lenses used in today in all polaroid brand sunglasses. Polaroid Eyewear has been around for over 80 years. So much time has passed since the invention of polarized sunglasses. And today they can be called the most impeccable in terms of quality and price. Everyone who has felt the blocking of sun glare in them and saw a clear picture falls in love with Polaroid sunglasses.

Polaroid 2023 Eyewear Collection

Polaroid has released a unique 2023 collection of eyewear, telling about the trends in style and fashion for all the years of its existence. More developments that make the lenses perfect mean more delighted customers. The modern UltraSight lens achieves the highest levels of polarization efficiency, it does not distort the shape, size, and distance of the object being viewed. Thus, by putting on, for example, model PLD 4132/S/X, you can be sure that your eyes are safe. In addition, such an oval version looks quite stylish and modern. As for the materials used, Polaroid has never skimped on the quality of its products and therefore takes only exclusive materials that have been tested for durability. This model was created by using Metal Regular and Injected Polycarbonate materials.

Polaroid Eyewear

Frames in Polaroid optics have become so light in recent years that prolonged exposure to them is not annoying at all. There are no traces of pressure on the nose pads on the face, the temples are barely noticeable. Thanks to the purchase of PLD 4133/S/X, you will feel extraordinary comfort, because the brand team has done everything for this. PLD 2137/G/S/X is another example of the hard work of manufacturers who took stainless steel as the basis for the model. In recent years, stainless steel has consistently been mentioned among the most fashionable eyewear materials. It is used for both rimless designs and traditional frames and is chosen by adherents of high-tech style, and connoisseurs of minimalism. That is exactly what this model is.

Polaroid Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

In its 2023 Eyewear Collection, Polaroid also presented many eyeglasses models. The owner of any type of face and any age will be able to choose a suitable option from a variety of Polaroid medical frames. If you are a man with an oblong face, the oval model PLD D470 is ideal for you. Unlike ordinary glasses, oval glasses look more stylish and elegant. These glasses are suitable for any style of clothing, whether classic or sporty. If you have a round face, then consider purchasing a rectangular unisex frame PLD D462. Thanks to them, you can achieve visual angularity. Rectangular Polaroid glasses are also recommended for purchase if the face has an oval shape. Here the main task is to ensure that the most ideal natural proportions are not violated. Frames in classical geometry do an excellent job with it.

Nowadays, eyewear is not only a fashion accessory but also an important element of the image. The color of the frames largely determines their role in the images. Take, for example, black classics. This is a universal option that does not require any explanation or additions. It is built into any set of clothes, it may not attract attention at all, or put a clear point in the final image. If you want a versatile model in classic colors, check out the 2023 Polaroid PLD D479/G. With their impeccable quality, Polaroid sunglasses and frames have won millions of fans around the world who follow all collections of eyewear and brand-new products. Modern Polaroid models are superior in quality to many analogs. They are suitable not only for active sports and driving but also for everyday life and recreation.