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Polaroid Sustainable Eyewear Collection

Polaroid is the first brand to use the polarizing filter for eyewear. This company has always offered the utmost lens quality combined with cutting-edge materials and treatments. This information also applies to the Polaroid Sustainable Collection. All the glasses from this collection are bright and colorful. Due to this feature creators wanted to make the world more colorful. But it is important to notice that all these juicy colors were inspired by nature and also made from bio-based materials and recycled metal. Now it’s really important to combine a passion for fashion and care about nature. The problem of the environment has become widely known today. It also touched eyewear too.

Polaroid Sustainable Eyewear Collection

This collection tries to minimize the harmful effect on the environment. As a result, eyewear from the Polaroid Sustainable Collection is made from eco-friendly materials. For example, eco polyamide is a bio-based plastic made from over forty hundred percent of the material that was made from renewable resources: specifically, from responsibly farmed castor oil. Eyewear is also made from eco-acetate which is an alternative to conventional plastics. Acetate is created with cellulose, which contains, as you know, in plants. As follows, this eyewear is made from natural and renewable sources. Such characteristics give glasses different improvements, for example, lightweight and comfortable feeling on your face.

Polaroid Sustainable Eyeglasses

If you're looking for a pair of Rectangle eyeglasses, you definitely should focus on amazing the D 430 model. This eyewear is made from recycled metal because even waste materials deserve a second chance. Also, eyeglasses are available in three colors: black, matte green, and bright blue that will be suitable for any type of closes for any event or occasion. You may ask “Are Rectangle eyeglasses still popular? The peak of popularity of this shape was in the 1960s!”. But it wouldn’t be true. Rectangle eyeglasses are here to stay. Nowadays a lot of people prefer such shape of eyeglasses because of their modish. In addition, this eyewear has an effect that can juice up your look.

Polaroid Sustainable Frames

Oval-shaped eyeglasses D452 featured a full rime plastic frame. The main reason that plastic material is better than others is that eyeglasses knew to be lighter in weight and also stronger. In addition, this stunning model is accessible in six various colors! They are Havana, green, yellow, black, salmon, and red. Due to the company’s idea, each of the colors has an association for example yellow is the sun and red is strength. The modish and modern oval shape also has a D449 model. This eyewear is made from high-quality metal which means, that they are durable and resist corrosion. Such full-rim eyeglasses are available in four unique and bright colors.

If you want to find gorgeous Cat-eye or Butterfly glasses, you should pay attention to the D446 model that will perfectly emphasize your facial features, especially cheekbones. Be sure that they will supplement any type of your clothes for any occasion. Furthermore, such eyeglasses have a magic effect that can bring your outfit to a whole new level. Like other models from the Polaroid Sustainable Collection these full-rim glasses are available in different colors as Havana, black, and fashionable and uncommon pearl pink. As we mentioned Polaroid’s sustainable style also features recycled metal from which these glasses are made. All products of this collection you can find at our store online.