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Polo Eyeglasses for Men

Polo™ - PH1203

$76.00 - $89.03

Polo™ - PH1204

$87.40 - $110.39

Polo™ - PH1206

$76.00 - $89.03

Polo™ - PH2227

$93.11 - $111.07

Polo™ - PH2230

$76.00 - $89.03

Polo™ - PH2231

$93.11 - $111.07

Polo™ - PH2232

$87.40 - $182.95

Polo™ - PH2233

$87.40 - $114.27

Polo™ - PH2234

$95.74 - $107.28

Polo™ - PH2235

$76.00 - $89.03

Polo™ - PH2169

$78.86 - $92.39

Polo™ - PH2175

$85.30 - $107.56

Polo Ralph Lauren is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of premium-quality lifestyle Polo Ralph Lauren products. The renowned brand successfully combines the iconic American style with a contemporary and cool twist. The core idea of the brand is to inspire the pursuit of a better life through authenticity and timeless style. The Polo product line includes a broad range of top-grade products, from ready-to-wear and shoes to bags and eyewear. The Polo optical collection for men offers stylish frames that are a perfect mix of refined, vintage-inspired shapes and innovative materials.

Whether you prefer wearing jeans and t-shirts or classic suits, it’s easy to pick up a perfect pair of men’s glasses by Polo. The assortment includes a huge variety of styles: from classic, elegant silhouettes to bold and sporty frames, available in titanium, plastic, or metal. The color palette offers both classic tones and colorful options, providing a Polo-approved style for any occasion. The iconic Polo logo is laser-engraved at the handles, giving a frame the finishing touch that anyone would appreciate. Take a closer look and choose what suits you better.

Polo, an amazing brand that was one of the first to turn sports glasses into fashion, clearly responded to the revolution that took place in the public mind. Since its inception, the Polo brand has been synonymous with elegance and quality, as well as an active, sporty lifestyle. Clothing and accessories from this brand are worn by those who want to emphasize their excellent taste. The men's collection of Polo glasses is a combination of masculinity, courage, and sophistication. It was created for a self-confident man who knows what he wants. The latest Polo eyewear collection provides an opportunity to take a chance and choose the most original model or opt for more classic and minimalist options. The variety of eyeglasses and sunglasses lines is surprising: every man will be able to choose his own style. Polo accessories are designed specifically for people who appreciate comfort and elegance, and who prefer the traditions of the old fashionable school.

The glasses reflect the Polo aesthetics: classic silhouettes, natural, classic colors, and elegant details. Men's and women's eyewear is a luxurious and elegant classic, exquisitely enclosed in a modern design and effectively shaded with stylish details. You can be sure that such eyeglasses will always be fashionable, modern, and in great demand. The tradition of decorating Polo frames has evolved throughout the history of eyeglasses. Elegant style, modern technology, many years of experience, and the desire to improve every detail have won recognition around the world. That is why Polo frames have such a diverse and unique beauty, where the richness of the finishes reflects the talent of the best craftsmen, and the meticulous workmanship is strikingly different from mass-produced items and makes these frames a true work of art.

Freedom, emancipation, individuality, brightness, and originality are just a few of the main accents in the release of Polo eyewear, and accessories collections which are very diverse: rimless, semi-rimless, and full-rimmed. Creators love to combine shapes, colors, styles, and textures. The company's designers are striving for simpler forms, focusing on quality. The game of contrasts is always expressed in different ways: for example, a bright, voluminous, powerful plastic frame along with a sophisticated, elegant metal frame. Those who don’t like the classics at all, but want to be creative, can choose round glasses, which guarantee you an unusual appearance. Today, the Polo brand continues to please the eye with its new collections, different style decisions, and fashion trends, without violating the traditions laid down in the philosophy and ideology of the brand by its founder, Ralph Lauren.

All products of the brand have always been distinguished by convenience and reliability. One of the psychological distinguishing features of Polo eyeglasses is that this brand does not set the fashion for any type of frame shape and color, does not impose its opinion with the help of advertising, but allows the buyer to determine what is fashionable and suits him, taking into account external features and type of person, a field of activity and style preferences.  That is why in each collection of the brand there are many options for frames and sunglasses that are completely different from each other, and the model range is maximally expanded. Today, the Polo brand has a huge reputation in the fashion world. It cannot be confused with any other, but its ideas can be viewed by companies that produce identical products. The release of new collections, as a rule, will always be successful.