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Polo Eyeglasses for Women

Authentic and iconic, Polo Ralph Lauren is the enduring symbol of a contemporary American lifestyle: active, cool, energetic, and young. Founded in 1981, the brand is now trusted throughout the world for its premium-quality products: ready-to-wear, shoes, bags, perfumes, underwear, and a wide range of accessories, including eyewear. Polo Ralph Lauren eyeglasses for women feature a simple yet modern design and laconic sustained aesthetics. Thoroughly crafted glasses guarantee superior comfort and exceptional functionality for years.

We’ve handpicked the hottest Polo frames, especially designed for intelligent and elegant women, who know what they want in life. Iconic silhouettes combine sleek modernity and the playful mood of youth. Made from top-quality materials, such as acetate, titanium, and metal, the glasses are lightweight, durable, and resistant to impact. The impressive range of refined colors will not leave any woman indifferent. Select the frame that best suits your personality and stylish needs.

Under the famous American brand Polo Ralph Lauren, prestigious products are created for people who know a lot about sophistication. Men and women from high society recognized the refined style of the brand, its eccentricity, and its clear advantages. All Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation frames are of unique quality and eye-catching design. The brand itself was created for exceptional people with unique tastes and needs. The brand's signature polo player on horseback is one of the most recognizable logos in the world. The Polo collections are a vivid expression of the company's philosophy about the production quality, consumer properties of products, and the relevance of design solutions. They emphasize the dynamics of life, the charm of live movement, and bright moments. The entire range of Ralph Lauren, including the Polo line, combines the nobility and severity of aristocracy and the simplicity and freedom of American style.

The American dream of the Polo creator Ralph Lauren can be traced in everything he does: he creates luxury items for the elite, which everyone dreams of becoming. Working with the world-famous company Luxottica, Ralph Lauren completely focused on the design of eyeglasses, there was no longer any need to control the quality and strength of materials. The collections have many different models: Aviator, Cat-Eye, classic glasses with round lenses, sports options, and Butterfly shape. For the production of frames, either plastic or cellulose acetate is used. Shades are very diverse: from decorative to simple plain. For those who like to stand out, models with different lens colors and gradients are modeled.  Tortoiseshell, all shades of brown, clear, and dark green frames pair perfectly with gray, brown or olive lenses. Many frames are a combination of metal and plastic, and lenses use a gradient transition.

Known for ambitious and quality accessories, designer Ralph Lauren plays with contrasts to give people a different perspective on fashion. His creations reflect personal passions and beliefs with a lot of confidence and sensibility. Throughout its history, the Polo has been updated many times, and every update has been a success. Fashionistas snap up the brand's exquisite eyewear models year after year for their impeccable style, distinctive look, and timeless beauty. Universal frames fit well in different wardrobes and are combined with other things. Not afraid to go beyond, Polo accessories are not only unique pieces but also part of the future of fashion history. This eyewear tells the story of classic and sophisticated American design. Polo eyeglasses for women and men are quality, simple, style, and innovative.

Polo eyeglasses are so versatile that they can be used absolutely everywhere: on walks around the city, in the office, and in everyday life. The consumer audience of eyewear is wide and very different. The general style of products today has changed a little: from rustic and every day, it gradually acquired provocative notes. Buyers liked the innovations, which was reflected in the growth in sales. The philosophy of the collections allows you to choose a family look, when the whole family will be wearing glasses and frames of the same style, and to make a choice in the direction of models that differ from each other, expressing your own view of the world and adding accents to the image. The owner of Polo eyeglasses is experimenting with elements of clothing or the style has long been established - for any look you can choose your frame from Polo: classic or from the latest fashion trends, which will become the final accent.