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Browline Eyeglasses for Men & Women

Burberry™ - BE1318

$128.34 - $145.33

Burberry™ - BE1323

$138.58 - $145.33

Burberry™ - BE1324

$141.58 - $158.29

Burberry™ - BE1334

$131.59 - $138.58

Burberry™ - Brunel BE1344

$133.09 - $145.33

Bvlgari™ - BV1102TK

$601.82 - $1,185.00

Bvlgari™ - BV2218

$193.10 - $233.00

Bvlgari™ - BV2221KB

$504.21 - $579.59

Giorgio Armani™ - AR5092

$147.69 - $167.79

Giorgio Armani™ - AR5093

$147.69 - $220.00

Giorgio Armani™ - AR7153

$141.48 - $220.00

Giorgio Armani™ - AR7172F

$174.06 - $174.11

Giorgio Armani™ - AR7175

$147.69 - $220.00

Guess™ - GU2755

$84.15 - $92.27

Rag & Bone™ - RNB3009

$118.04 - $121.43

The Browline eyeglasses model started its way in 1947 and firstly was intended for wearing exactly with clear prescription lenses, having become a special feature of Hollywood films of that period. This model is well recognizable because of the thick plastic cap from above the lenses line, which reminds natural browline and pulls attention to it.

Original Browlines, firstly named Ronsir, differed with the possibility to interchange brows and bridges and allowed making of unique combinations with needed size or color fitting the glasses to the wearer's individual features. This was something new since other models didn't give such freedom, and generally manufacturers offered limited options for frames colors and sizes.

As soon as Browlines gained the popularity, numerous frames manufacturers released their own kinds of this eyeglasses style, trying to rival and to stand out with some different nuances. Some of them created models with aluminium browline unlike of the original plastic, which significantly reduced the weight of a thing. Others started to design Browline for both sexes.

Browline style was still demanded in the sixties, but then its fame began to fade away because of the progression in plastic industry which flood the market with new customizable eyeglasses of various shapes, colors and material combinations.

Hippies epoch has come and Browlines were found too conservative, symbolizing conformism and obsolete culture of the fifties. Little by little sells were shrunk.

A decade after the new rise of Browline's popularity has occurred due to Bruce Willis appearance in tinted Ronsirs on a series of Moonlight. Ray-ban reacted on this with the lighting speed - the Clubmaster were introduced to the world.

Over the past years Browlines has experienced a renaissance and now it is one of the most praised optical and sunglass styles.