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Round Eyeglasses for Men & Women

Adidas™ - OR5006

$75.65 - $90.93

BMW™ - BW5010

$110.70 - $132.65

Burberry™ - BE1337

$138.58 - $164.36

Candie's™ - CA0157

$104.56 - $156.28

Candie's™ - CA0177


$76.58 - $104.56

Candie's™ - CA0184


$80.51 - $104.56

Candie's™ - CA0187

$80.51 - $104.56

Gant™ - GA3115


$93.88 - $120.17

Giorgio Armani™ - AR5057

$167.79 - $220.00

When creating your own unique style, every nuance and every little detail should be taken into account. Every element of clothing ensemble is important and should be selected deliberately whether for every day or for special occasions.

Such a fashionable accessory as eyeglasses, selected correctly, have a special magic to emphasize attractive facial features and mask appearance defects. A particular model of eyeglasses or sunglasses may become the final chord, giving sophistication, intelligence and style to your appearance.

For some people round eyeglasses will be a perfect choice. They speak of the intelligence and refined taste of the owner and add some retro flair to the image. These glasses remind us about the great star of music world and the ideological inspirer of the Beatles, John Lennon, who worn such eyeglasses. Once in the past the round-shaped model was at the peak of popularity. Today round glasses are still in demand and designers present a huge number of options for this model with perfectly round shape. Find the pair which will suit you best, choosing from acetate or metal examples, having different diameter of lenses in array of colors. Once this style of glasses conquered the world, and it will forever remain immortal, like the songs of John Lennon.