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Rectangle Sunglasses for Men & Women

Prada™ - PR 61VS

$171.78 - $298

Tiffany™ - TF4047B

$195.25 - $196.26

Miu Miu™ - MU 70US

$213.74 - $447

Miu Miu™ - MU 02TS

$200.31 - $510

Prada™ - PR 54XS

$144.21 - $197.85

Prada™ - Duple PR 61XS

$178.85 - $260.15

Carrera™ - 8043/S

$91.59 - $114.56

Polaroid™ - 2104/S/X

$57.28 - $58.78

Polaroid™ - 6139/CS

$61.25 - $71.06

Prada™ - PS 17US

$93.34 - $161.46

Adidas™ - OR0005

$67.8 - $84.15

Adidas™ - SP0006

$49.72 - $52.6

Adidas™ - SP0008

$49.72 - $65.38

Adidas™ - SP0010

$49.72 - $52.6

Adidas™ - SP0038

$73.21 - $92.66

Showing 1 to 24 of 1783 (75 Pages)

The eyewear you choose is a very eloquent accessory which may reveal the true story about you from the first glance. Surely, you can control yourself and buy things consciously to create the needed image. Who will know if you are honestly like shape and color of your sunglasses or you just play a role, having calculated all steps beforehand and selected a specific model just to make an impression not paying attention how you really feel with this? And yet more often we simply purchase things we like, not thinking what information get people that surround us.

Do you like colors? You have a soul of an artist evidently or you're trying to be creative, you're doing experiments.

Do you prefer circle or rectangle sunglasses, fashionable or moderate without being highlighted?

Each detail or thing which you prefer tells something about your personality, about your preferences and wishes. Simple and clear rectangle shape will tell about your smartness, intelligence, good logical thinking, attention to details. People who gravitate to stability and traditionality definitely would choose rectangular sunglasses. Those who prefer classic lightweight look will choose between metal semi-rimless or rimless rectangle frames.

Highly probable that you will take rectangular eyewear for its functionality and universality, which allows to combine this accessory with almost all type of outfit. Choose your pair of rectangle sunglasses for comfort every day wearing, to express your irreproachable intellectual style, confidence and reliability.