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Rectangle Sunglasses for Men & Women

Versace™ - VE2163

$176.87 - $200.84

Adidas™ - SP0006


$49.72 - $52.60

Adidas™ - SP0007


$49.72 - $76.58

Adidas™ - SP0010


$49.72 - $52.60

Anne Klein™ - AK7040


$95.95 - $107.76

Balenciaga™ - BB0080S


$204.51 - $326.25

Burberry™ - BE4291

$162.31 - $187.60

Bvlgari™ - BV5053


$269.42 - $331.20

Bvlgari™ - BV8233

$221.54 - $255.47

Candie's™ - CA1030


$78.03 - $80.99

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Candie's™ - CA1035

$80.99 - $101.96

The eyewear you choose is a very eloquent accessory that may reveal the true story about you at first glance. Surely, you can control yourself and buy things consciously to create the needed image. Who will know if you honestly like the shape and color of your sunglasses or if you just play a role, having calculated all steps beforehand and selected a specific model just to make an impression without paying attention to how you really feel about this? And yet more often we simply purchase things we like, not thinking about what information gets people that surround us. Do you like colors? You have the soul of an artist evidently or you're trying to be creative, you're doing experiments. Do you prefer circle or rectangle sunglasses, fashionable or moderate without being highlighted? Each detail or thing which you prefer tells something about your personality, about your preferences and wishes. 

A simple and clear rectangle shape will tell others about your smartness, intelligence, good logical thinking, and attention to detail. People who gravitate to stability and traditionality definitely would choose rectangular sunglasses. Those who prefer a classic lightweight look will choose between metal semi-rimless or rimless rectangle frames. Highly probable that you will choose rectangular eyewear for its functionality and universality, which allows you to combine this accessory with almost all types of outfits. Get your pair of rectangle sunglasses for comfort everyday wearing, to express your irreproachable intellectual style, confidence, and reliability. 

Contemporary women choose rectangle style to complete their fashionable looks with a classic touch. Versatile and eye-catching, women's rectangle sunglasses are the best choice whether you are going to the beach with friends or heading to your office in your car on a sunny day. Depending on your personal taste and needs, you can select thin metal or thick acetate spectacles to complete your fashion-forward outfit perfectly. Offered in a wide selection of attractive colors and finishes, rectangle sunnies are chosen by many celebrities and public people who prefer to follow the latest trends. Timeless and eye-catching, these frames will never go out of style, being a wonderful complement to any modern look. It's possible to select an impressive pair of rectangle shades with various embellishments like gems, sparkling crystals, inlays, metal accents, and many other interesting details to emphasize your uniqueness and charm as well as get an unmatched UV protection for your eyes.  

Stylish men often choose a rectangle shape because these shades match perfectly any look, whether you are wearing a T-shirt and jeans or an elegant business suit. Nowadays, eyewear brands offer a great selection of colors, styles, and sizes to find the right pair of men's rectangle sunglasses. If you prefer a more classic look, it's easy to get a full-rimmed metal frame with high-quality lenses for a timeless appearance and maximum protection. Those men who want to express their individuality, can choose from fashionable rectangle spectacles with impressive details to create a special look. Depending on your personal needs and occasion, you can complete any stylish wardrobe with a cool pair of sunnies that will be an eye-catching element of your whole outfit. Just follow your intuition and taste to make a selection from a great assortment of tones, finishes, and materials. Remember that sunglasses aren't just for ultimate UV protection, but also wonderful accessories to express your individual character easily!

Of course, when choosing sunnies, it's quite important to know your face shape to create the right proportions. Rectangle frames mostly suit round and oval faces but people with other shapes can also get a suitable spectacle which will emphasize their best features. The second thing you shouldn't ignore when getting a new pair of shades is the size because your comfort depends on it. If you select the wrong size, you may feel discomfort during daily wearing, for example, your glasses may slip on your nose, or temples may feel too tight on your ears. To avoid these problems, it's very important to know your size. If you have an old pair of sunnies, it's easy to check the size there. Usually, manufacturers mark it on the inner side of the temple, so make sure you know your frame size but if not, you can make some simple measurements to define it. Remember that your comfort is the first priority, and never ignore this step – then, you will get sunglasses of a perfect fit to serve you for many years!   

The material of the frame is also an important characteristic, so before searching, decide which kind of spectacle and which material you prefer. Modern eyewear manufacturers use weightless and durable materials of top-rated quality to create rectangle sunglasses for contemporary men and women. You can select elegant and lightweight metal frames to express your individuality and charm. These sunglasses are usually introduced in silver, gold, and bronze tones to create a wonderful combination with any stylish outfit. More thick and impressive, acetate spectacles are offered in a wide range of attractive colors, so it's easy to make a perfect match to your wardrobe, getting a contrast and bold pair of sunnies or a clear trendy frame. You can also get an ultra-lightweight and super-stylish titanium spectacle in a rectangle shape that will be a perfect accessory to express your elegant and extraordinary look. Titanium is an innovative hypoallergenic material used by many brands to make eye-catching and comfortable rectangle sunglasses to deliver excellent functionality and an interesting look.      

The rectangle shape is a versatile style selected by many modern men and women all over the world. High-quality shades with good lenses will not only add a special look to your everyday outfit but also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, that's why it's quite important to wear sunnies in any season when the sun shines brightly. Look through our online store to find a perfect collection of rectangle sunglasses for fashion-forward men and women who prefer eye-catching accessories. Being an official retailer, we sell high-quality and 100% authentic frames from the leading eyewear brands recognized worldwide like Spyder, Fendi, Saint Laurent, Tiffany, Barton Perreira, and many others. Make a choice from a wide assortment of colors and materials to get a pair of rectangle sunglasses to match your personal taste and requirements. Whether you are looking for a spectacle for any special occasion or just for everyday wearing, we have you fully covered! We know you will make the right choice to look perfectly in your new rectangle sunglasses.