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Carrera Aviator Eyeglasses

Carrera™ - 248

$79.82 - $82.75

Carrera™ - 1124

$78.32 - $82.75

Carrera™ - 228

$72.07 - $76.07

Carrera™ - 1103/V

$87.68 - $90.04

Carrera™ - 1110

$72.03 - $85.92

Carrera™ - 137/V

$75.95 - $90.60

Carrera™ - 168/V

$75.08 - $85.92

Carrera™ - 169/V

$75.08 - $85.92

Carrera™ - 174

$75.95 - $90.60

In addition to just correcting vision, eyeglasses are a simple but powerful way to transform your personal style. Today, with a vast choice of available options, you can quickly and easily find almost anything you want to get the look of your dream. The Aviator style is unique in its own way; it always looks cool and appropriate, no matter the event. Carrera brings the modern variant of the iconic aviator-shaped glasses in a range of premium quality materials. Take a closer look at our extensive selection of Carrera aviator specs to complement your features and boost your style.

Inspired by an Austrian sports eyewear company, Carrera got its start in the mid-fifties and continues to this day as one of the world’s most popular and most successful eyewear brands. In the late ‘70s, the company started developing a special collection of sunglasses – Carrera Porsche Design. Later on, it began sponsoring a variety of sporting events, including the Olympics and Formula One racing. Each pair of Carrera glasses features pioneering Italian design and outstanding quality that you can blindly trust. So, if you’re looking for the functional yet aesthetically pleasing eyeglasses that will make a bold fashion statement, Carrera’s aviator glasses are the way to go!