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Chesterfield Eyeglasses for Men

Chesterfield offers high-quality and timeless eyewear for men who are looking for distinctive and stylish glasses to express their individuality. The brand is managed by a legendary Safilo group, known for its wide experience in eyewear production. Inspired by Chesterfield's overcoat, modern and classic eyeglasses for gentlemen symbolize the Victorian epoch's elegance. The brand creates spectacles with minimalist designs for independent and serious wearers with impeccable taste. Each model of glasses from Chesterfield features aristocracy, elegance, and refinement to create a perfect match for any contemporary man's wardrobe.

Discover our wide selection of Chesterfield eyeglasses for men available in semi-rimless and full-rim styles. The famous brand offers traditional frames filled with modern and fresh designs to follow the latest tendencies of vogue. Simple but eye-catching, optical spectacles from Chesterfield will make the right impression wherever you go. Frames are made from a combination of versatile and sturdy materials like metal and acetate to deliver excellent comfort and unmatched functionality. You will appreciate a wide assortment of shapes and colors offered in our online store!

The philosophy of Chesterfield is an overly careful approach to the production of products as if they were handmade. The goal of the founders of the brand was to produce glasses that would be not only a means of vision correction but also a fashion accessory. From day one, Chesterfield's mission has been to create men frames and sunglasses of high quality, superior comfort, and stylish, fashionable designs. Having taken the first step towards rapprochement with the fashion industry, the new company approached the manufacture of glasses in its own way. In contrast to the manufacturers who already have an important place in the mass market, it has focused on the production of high-end frames.

To achieve this task, Chesterfield has skillfully combined the desire for a custom design with an increased focus on quality, using high technology, and incorporating the most daring ideas to increase productivity and increase production capacity. The results of the work look really impressive: this applies to economic performance, the company's role in the fashion world, and its reputation in the field of scientific research. Now, thanks to the responsible approach of the company's team to product creation, each model of Chesterfield sunglasses and frames is able to emphasize the style of its owner, his inner essence, and lifestyle. And also - to provide perfect comfort throughout the day.

The Chesterfield brand offers its consumers mostly casual style. It is the most minimalistic - such frames are preferred by people who are not prone to ostentatious luxury, who love comfort and simplicity. They are especially progressive and refined. The secret to the minimalistic design and unparalleled comfort of wearing Chesterfield eyewear is the use of acetate and titanium. Thanks to them, it is possible to create unique shapes of different colors. After all, it is these materials that provide ergonomics, refinement, streamlining, and better anatomical frames. In the assortment of the company, you will find various forms of men's frames: rectangular, square, Aviators, and others. Therefore, you can be sure that you can choose a model for your face type.

Glasses that emphasize the individuality of a person - this is the principle of the existence of the successful Chesterfield brand.  A feature of the company's optics is a vintage design.  The style of past eras is reproduced not only by forms: the palette of colors and details are permeated with retro motifs. And all this is combined with the high-tech properties of eyeglass lenses and frames. Unchanging classics are harmoniously combined with innovative stylistic elements. Chesterfield optics have uncompromising quality: they are made exclusively from reliable materials.  By choosing these eyeglasses, you will certainly emphasize your subtle sense of style and your status. They are discreet and business-like, without overly luxurious decorative details, but at the same time expressive thanks to bright materials.