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Wayfarer Glasses Frames for Men and Women

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Products: 124 of 670


If glasses could speak to identify themselves, apparently we would hear from Wayfarers this short introduction phrase, uttered calmly but with notes of dominance:

"Bold. Just Bold". Exactly this impression is intended to be performed by its wearer. On the boldness scale Wayfarers are maybe on the same position as their big brothers Aviators.

In early fifties, due to the new plastic moulding technology, Wayfarers popped out into the world and there was a tremendous buzz about them. Since the advent of these funky plastic buddies, the revolution has arrived into the fashion world.

Originally Wayfarers style was designed and produced by Ray-Ban. They dashingly grew in popularity having become instantly recognizable, desired and irresistible accessory, so that practically every frame manufacturer launched their own Wayfarer's line.

Having reached their cult-status once, they still remains among the favorites.

With thick framing and square angular outline, traditionally black colored, Wayfarers are for making a definite statement. This is a look-at-me frame for those who want to be noticed, to be remembered, to be bold.

This unisex model can be considered as universal for almost any cloths. The diversity of materials and colors for frames and lenses shades is unspeakable, which allows to combine glasses with classic, casual or groovy styles.

Find your own Wayfarer among classic, new, folder or special series to state your different one-and-only coolness!