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Polo Eyeglasses for Kids

Polo™ - PP8540

$51.63 - $96.07

Polo™ - PP8542

$52.87 - $56.58

Polo™ - PP8036

$55.14 - $56.58

Polo™ - PP8040

$50.02 - $55.14

Polo™ - PP8524

$52.02 - $122.00

Polo™ - PP8530

$54.74 - $58.73

Polo™ - PP8531

$54.74 - $122.00

Polo™ - PP8532

$42.74 - $55.14

Polo™ - PP8535

$42.74 - $54.74

If you’re a fan of the classic yet spirited American style, Polo Ralph Lauren is the brand to rely on. Authentic and timeless, each and every Polo product is the enduring symbol of a present-day American lifestyle: young, active, easy, and cool. Men's, women's, and kids’ Polo apparel and accessories are modern pieces with a cool twist, designed to reflect the timeless heritage and contemporary spirit of Ralph Lauren's collections. In our catalog, you will find a large selection of stylish and modern accessories for your children. Use the filters to easily find the right model for the right design and style. Young ladies or gentlemen have the right to comfortable and aesthetic accessories from the world's best brands.

Polo accessories for kids are designed to perfectly complete any outfit for your little girl or boy. Our collection of Polo prescription glasses includes classic silhouettes such as rectangular, Wayfarer, square, and Cat-Eye, offered in bright and eye-catching color combinations. With sleek modernity and classic proportions, each pair of kid’s glasses is a vivid expression of the designer’s elegant, sophisticated style. Crafted from top-quality acetate or ultra-lightweight metal, the frames are super comfortable and easy to wear. Please note that all Polo accessories are made of durable and reliable materials that are safe for delicate children's skin and eyes. They are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and fully comply with international quality and purpose standards.

Polo Ralph Lauren glasses are designed for kids and teenagers with visual impairments. This accessory has ceased to be the cause of complexes but has become an important element of fashion. Children with glasses look elegant and intelligent, at school, at the computer, or at the stadium. Polo Ralph Lauren presents an extensive collection of prescription eyewear so that your child will find something for themselves. From classic glasses worthy of the king of England to models with more modern frames, the choice is yours. We recommend that you choose children's corrective glasses, asking for your offspring's opinion. Sit down together and start browsing our catalog. You can easily find children's models using the appropriate filter.

You can also use other filters – by material, frame color, gender, and frame shape. It is essential that the child wears the correct size eyewear. Accessories that are too large will slide off the nose and fall to the floor with every sudden movement. This happens quite often, because any child is very active, and the risk of breaking the lenses is very high. Too small models cause discomfort because they put pressure on the head. In our catalog, you will find glasses of all sizes for children of different ages. How to choose the right size? The width of the frame should be equal to or slightly greater than the width of the widest part of the child's face. Use the scales to set the lens width, bridge width, and temple length. Many shapes and colors of frames are available.

It is very important that your son or daughter is involved in choosing the accessory you buy for him or her. The child may not like the model chosen for them, which will lead to irritability and poor school performance. Perhaps your kid will want to choose something extravagant to get the attention of classmates. Don't stop them from expressing themselves. It will be their own choice, after all, and their own mistakes. If you don't like the eyewear they chose, talk to them, and explain the principles of aesthetics and fashion trends, but if the kid continues to insist on his own, so be it. Girls are more willing to listen to the opinion of their parents than boys. Deal with it. You have to let them do something on their own. Teach them to think for themselves.

Polo Ralph Lauren accessories are beautifully crafted from delicate materials. The stylized lines are the main reference point for the brand's prescription glasses. Here, style and good taste come together to create unique products. Every person who cares about their eyesight is aware of how important comfort is when wearing glasses, so you should choose original models from a trusted manufacturer. Not only the shape of the lenses is important, but also the bend of the arms and frames of the glasses, so we recommend buying only branded accessories. You can also visit the pages of other brands offering children's accessories – Ray Ban, Flexon, Guess, and so on. Children are our future, so they deserve the best things.