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Ray-Ban Nomad Eyewear Collection

Who said nomads no longer exist? Who said people stopped traveling? Of course, no one travels around the world on a hardy Mongolian horse, and contemporary Genghis Khans conquer their neighbors on planes and tanks. But the passion remains to discover the world anew and roam the Earth on bicycles, motorcycles and cars. Finally, hiking is still in vogue. It is for such wayfarers the practical and functional Ray-Ban accessories from the Nomad Eyewear Collection are designed. What does a traveler need on the way? They need quality and safe clothing and accessories, including ones that ensure good vision. The legendary USA brand offers a wide variety of stylish eyeglasses and sunglasses for every taste and whim.

Ray-Ban Nomad Eyewear Collection

One can and should travel in comfort, Ray-Ban designers are convinced. Among other things, the wayfarer should be equipped with practical and functional sunglasses that protect against the harmful rays of the sun, wind, dust and raindrops. In addition, they complement the image of a person who prefers an active lifestyle. The task of eyewear for a traveler is not to shock others with a non-trivial and exotic look, but to correspond to its purpose. The Ray-Ban Nomad Collection features stylish and elegant designs that stand up to any road adventure. This series began in 1990, gradually filling up with practical and functional accessories for people who love to travel. They are perfect for business trips, country walks, shopping, sports and fitness and other outdoor activities.

Ray-Ban Nomad Sunglasses

Frames are made of strong and durable plastic. This material is best suited for comfortable wear on the road. The most optimal shape is Wayfarer and a square frame with wide temples and rims. The Wayfarer Nomad RB2187 unisex sunglasses have a medium lens width, which is very convenient for a dynamic lifestyle. Frames and lenses are available in several color options, including gradient lenses and cheerful Havana. Ray-Ban sunglasses are equipped with durable UV filters and anti-reflective coatings. Comfort must be safe and style impeccable. This is one of the main principles of the famous American brand since its inception. Connoisseurs of comfort can choose polarized sunglasses, with the letter P after the logo on the right lens.

Ray-Ban Nomad Frames

The Nomad Wayfarer RX5487 full-rimmed eyeglasses also belong to unisex accessories. This model has a plastic frame and wide temples for comfortable reading, working at the computer or in the workshop, workout and parkour, gymnastics and football. Poor eyesight should not be a reason to give up an active lifestyle. Ray-Ban offers stylish and practical eyewear for successful people who know their worth and set high goals. The accessories of this brand are designed for ladies and gentlemen, for whom comfort is an indispensable condition for victory in any field, including business, sports or politics. Frames from the Nomad Collection are perfect for most face types, regardless of gender, skin color or age. Comfort unites people of different races and nationalities.

Stylish and elegant, the Nomad Wayfarer RX5487F prescription glasses will perfectly complement the image of travelers, athletes, drivers, cyclists and all those who want to look perfect in any weather. Ray-Ban accessories are made of durable and reliable materials that are safe for delicate skin and eyes. They are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and fully comply with international quality and purpose standards. This is especially important for kids and teenagers, for whom the legendary American manufacturer offers a wide range of comfortable and fashionable models. The comfort zone can be expanded to incredible limits, with the right combination of tradition of craftsmanship and innovation. Ray-Ban has been following this rule for almost a hundred years. You have a great opportunity to become Ray-Ban’s fan, by buying products from other brand eyewear lines, namely Original Wayfarer X Dia De Los Muertos, Hawkeye, State Street, I-Shape, and Orion.