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Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer X Dia De Los Muertos Eyewear Collection

El Día de Muertos is a holiday in some Latin American countries, where the Aztecs and Mayans lived. It is celebrated on November 2 and corresponds to the Catholic Day of All Saints. This is a rather creepy carnival, the symbol of which is Katrina – a skull in women's clothing. The meaning of El Día de Muertos is to remember the ancestors and deceased relatives, to whose graves sugar skulls, vervain, and other food are brought. On a deeper level, it is an attempt to overcome the fear of the other world and death. The Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer X Dia De Los Muertos Eyewear Collection is dedicated to this holiday. For someone who is far from the exotic traditions of the Mexicans, stylish and modern glasses from the famous American manufacturer will be another non-trivial item in his or her wardrobe.

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer X Dia De Los Muertos Eyewear Collection

Ray-Ban offers its followers quality and original accessories for everyday wear and formal occasions. The brand itself creates a fashion for comfort, constantly improving the quality of materials and eye protection from the sun and other vagaries of nature. Since its foundation, it has been focused on people of extreme professions, including pilots, racers, and many others. To wear Ray-Ban sunglasses means to belong to successful people for whom maximum comfort is a necessary condition for achieving their goals. The manufacturer offers a wide range of stylish and modern accessories for every taste and whim. The company guarantees exclusive quality in every detail of every model from the Original Wayfarer X Dia De Los Muertos Eyewear Collection.

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer X Dia De Los Muertos Sunglasses

The unisex models presented in this collection will perfectly fit into the image of elegant people, regardless of gender, age, and skin color. Our eyewear will make you look younger and more attractive, say Ray-Ban designers. Some models from the Original Wayfarer X Dia De Los Muertos Eyewear Collection have an exotic pattern on the inside of the temples, others have an original texture on the outside of the frames. The elegant Wayfarer RB2140 1162 50 - Jeans Black sunglasses are crafted with a denim style. The model has a durable plastic frame and wide rims slightly elongated upwards. It will fit perfectly into the wearer's denim suit and ensure complete safety of vision in any situation. Shocking elegance is available to everyone today.

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer X Dia De Los Muertos Frames

For the Dia De Los Muertos Eyewear Collection, Ray-Ban chose one of the most popular shapes – the Wayfarer. It suits most types of male and female faces, making them more intelligent and intriguing. A wide variety of color patterns aims to satisfy as many demanding customers as possible. Some frames have a bright and rich color, others are strict in a businesslike way, and others are transparent and airy. Exotic lovers will appreciate the model decorated with the iconic Calaverita De Azucar and Papel Picado in vibrant purple and orange on the temple. They are well-known symbols of the famous Mexican holiday to which this collection is dedicated. Beauty can be unorthodox, but it should always be individual, according to Ray-Ban designers.

Demanding connoisseurs of absolute comfort should pay attention to the letter P, which is engraved on the lenses of some models. It indicates polarization. These accessories are great for driving, racing, skiing, snowboarding, cycling, and other activities where there is a risk of glare. Excellent vision in any situation is not only about eye health, but also a shorter path to success, where a split second can be decisive. Successful politicians, business people, and athletes choose Ray-Ban accessories for classic simplicity and absolute reliability. They do not need to be advertised – celebrities do it. The entire history of the legendary US company is a constant desire to expand the comfort zone for every person with impeccable style. Remember that you always have a great opportunity to purchase Ray-Ban's iconic eyewear from other collections. The most memorable of them are Nomad, Erika, I-Shape, Wayfarer, and Justin lines.