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Ray-Ban Titanium Eyewear Collection

Ray-Ban™ - RB8065

$196.00 - $231.00

Ray-Ban™ - RB8165

$399.00 - $449.00

Ray-Ban is one of those rare American centenarians who managed to live to almost a hundred years old, retaining a love of life and a fashionable look. It does not need a new heart, and young blood is poured into it by talented designers who respect the best traditions of craftsmanship and actively introduce innovations. The legendary US manufacturer continues to create high-quality and safe products that are very popular among representatives of extreme professions and activities. Ray-Ban accessories feature classic designs and a variety of materials. The brand's portfolio includes numerous titanium frames of different shapes, shades, and styles. Anyone can find the perfect model for their taste and whim in the extensive Ray-Ban Titanium Eyewear Collection.

Ray-Ban Titanium Eyewear Collection

Titanium is the most expensive and is used to produce heavy-duty structures. Frames made from this material can be called eternal. It is equally important that titanium emphasizes the social and financial status of the wearer better than other materials. On the beach, a person has almost no clothes on, except for sunglasses and a bathing suit. How does one know that he or she is the head of a large company or a well-known political figure? Look at the material of the frame. In everyday life, millionaires dress very simply. A person with a huge fortune can go unnoticed in a crowd of tourists or passers-by on a noisy street. Only an experienced eye will pay attention to the titanium frame. Rich people prefer comfort in every little detail of every accessory.

Ray-Ban Titanium Sunglasses

Ray-Ban creates stylish and modern accessories for successful people who value absolute comfort and know how to achieve their goals. This brand offers a wide range of classic and original models that will complement the individual style of ladies and gentlemen of any age, skin color, or aesthetic preferences. Today, Ray-Ban produces versatile models that are equally good for women and men. Irregular Hexagonal RB8148 sunglasses feature a sleek hexagonal frame and polarized lenses. The letter P indicates this on the right lens. There are several shades of gradient lenses and frames, including Legend Gold. This model will perfectly fit into an oval and square face – on a walk with a dog, visiting a scandalous exhibition, or the British Museum.

Ray-Ban Titanium Frames

The elegant RB8165 sunglasses are available in both S and M lens sizes. With a slim full-rimmed frame, they're perfect for any occasion and style. Several shades of polarized monochrome lenses are comfortable for driving, sunbathing, shopping, studying the figures of slender strangers on the street, and dining at a restaurant. As always, Ray-Ban offers a clear and safe vision in any light, weather, speed, and body position. Unisex Titanium RB8136 square sunglasses are oversized. The model has an additional bar above the bridge, for greater strength and originality. It is perfect for a famous actor, a recognizable video blogger, and anyone who wants to avoid unnecessary meetings on a noisy street, in a crowded store, or in a cramped elevator.

The Timeless Aviators are also featured in the Ray-Ban Titanium Eyewear Collection. Stylish and modern, Titanium RB8125M sunglasses have large polarized lenses and an additional bar connecting the transparent rims at the top. Laconic Titanium RB8147 round sunglasses will appeal to ladies and gentlemen who want to look mysterious and intriguing. The compact accessory will not take up much space in the back pocket of the wearer's jeans. The glasses will not break or bend if the owner sits on them by accident. Ray-Ban Titanium Eyewear Collection is constantly updated with new stylish accessories for everyday wear and formal occasions. Success in any business is impossible without comfortable and durable things, the designers of the legendary US brand believe. If you like this collection then you will probably fall in love with other Ray-Nan collections produced with the use of the latest technologies and innovations. Take a look at the Original Wayfarer X Dia De Los Muertos, I-Shape, Wayfarer, Evolve, and Erika collections, which are also available at EyeOns.