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Ray-Ban The Timeless Eyewear Collection

Ray-Ban™ - RX5228


$178.00 - $317.06

Ray-Ban™ - RX5228F


$178.00 - $191.00

Any successful brand has to balance between classic and modern, futuristic and retro, timeless and casual. As an individual, society from time to time is prone to fleeting whims, being interested in something extravagant and unusual. However, common sense eventually wins, and people return to timeless standards again. In any society, there is always a stable layer of conservatives who do not change their habits, preferring classic clothes and accessories, including eyeglasses and sunglasses. Ray-Ban The Timeless Collection was created for such people. They prefer time-tested shapes, materials and designs. But even this community does not tolerate average standards, so there is diversity in the portfolio of the legendary US brand.

Ray-Ban The Timeless Eyewear Collection

In The Timeless Collection, Ray-Ban opted for a classic square shape. This is no coincidence. Square frames remain at the top of popularity because they make the face more intelligent and strong-willed. This image is preferred by many glasses wearers, including business people, scientists, politicians, bloggers and officials. Square frames can be rounded or edgy, aiming to look like Aviators, Wayfarers, Butterflies, Cat-Eyes and many other shapes. Designers love the square as an inexhaustible source of inspiration and original solutions. This is the secret of the unfading popularity of this classic form. All offered models are made of durable and reliable materials that are safe for eyes and face skin.

Ray-Ban The Timeless Sunglasses

Ray-Ban The Timeless Collection appeals to successful people who prefer to look elegant and irresistible under any circumstances. Perfect accessories for everyone – this slogan means that the proposed models can be worn by both ladies and gentlemen. The elegant RX5228 full-rimmed eyeglasses are available in a range of frame colors and lens widths. Some of them have an original geometric pattern on the inside of the temples, which comes into view only when the glasses are removed. A non-trivial design can arouse interest in the wearer of such glasses and become the reason for a pleasant acquaintance. The RX5228F square eyeglasses are a variation on the previous model. They are designed for elegant ladies and gentlemen of all ages.

Ray-Ban The Timeless Frames

The original and laconic RX5228M eyeglasses are another timeless offering from the legendary American brand. This model has a square full-rim plastic frame in an assortment of soft, gradient shades. It is suitable for most types of male and female types of faces, life situations and weather conditions. This accessory has rounded and large lenses (L and M to choose from) to soften sharp features and lengthen the eye contour. Concise and comfortable, the RX5228MF eyeglasses are a variant of the previous model, offering transparent and muted shades of frames for people who need a lot of concentration while working. Both accessories are perfect for reading, working at the computer, filing tax returns, cooking, dancing and loving hugs.

Ray-Ban is an inclusive brand, offering a wide variety of designs, materials and shades to its numerous customers. The Timeless Collection also includes stylish and original sunglasses, such as the Clip On RX5228C model. It features a long, curved bar that connects the rims at the top instead of a short bridge between. This accessory is presented in an assortment of gradient shades of lenses for different tastes and preferences. Its elegant frame is made of durable metal, which protects the exquisite design from mechanical damage in any situation. The Timeless Series models are perfect for any look, including a formal business suit, distressed jeans, a bikini and a sable collar. Comfort can be absolute, timeless and universal, Ray-Ban designers believe. For those who are interested in more Ray-Ban sunglasses and eyeglasses, there is a wide range of high-quality and stylish products in the State Street, Round, Hawkeye, Erika, and Wayfarer collections. They are ready to surprise you and satisfy all your aesthetic needs.