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Tom Ford Eyeglasses for Women

Tom Ford™ - FT5528-B

$227.95 - $235.08

Tom Ford™ - FT5537-B

$200.20 - $200.88

Tom Ford™ - FT5550-B

$201.83 - $207.76

Tom Ford™ - FT5619-B

$183.58 - $188.53

Tom Ford™ - FT5667-B

$227.95 - $256.02

Tom Ford™ - FT5673-B

$189.76 - $194.70

Tom Ford™ - FT5674-B

$189.76 - $194.70

Tom Ford™ - FT5712-B

$201.83 - $207.76

If you’re in hunt for extravagant and daring eyeglasses, you’re at the right place! Tom Ford optical frames successfully combine a glamorous style and elegant attitude, being a perfect choice for those women who wish to express something new and different. Bold design, durable construction, comfortable fit and extraordinary look is what you get when choosing Tom Ford spectacles. Each and every pair of glasses features high-grade lenses that offer UV protection, have an anti- reflective as well as an anti- scratch coating.

The latest Tom Ford eyeglasses collection presents bold and clean-cut frames that feature an opulent combination of metal and acetate, which makes the eyewear unique and instantly recognizable. All Tom Ford creations are defined by unbeatable craftsmanship, innovative and provocative design, meticulous attention to details and utilizing exclusive, premium-grade materials. The new optical line for women offers best selling designs in new color palettes, reflecting the latest fashion trends. Every frame features elegant details, such as the ‘T’ metal logo on the front panel, the iconic symbol of the brand.

Renowned designer Tom Ford rose to prominence through his position as creative director at Gucci. Tom Ford is always responsible for his work, thanks to which he creates amazing fashion masterpieces that are becoming fabulously popular. His most famous works are a collection of clothes and, of course, sunglasses and eyeglasses. The first collection of eyeglass frames was released in 2005 as a result of Tom Ford's collaboration with the Marcolin company, which also creates eyewear collaborations with Guess and Max Mara. Connoisseurs of modern fashion will undoubtedly appreciate such an original product.  These frames quickly entered the top three best-selling brands. Interest in these models of glasses has become so wide due to the author's ability to combine elegance and modern glamor at the same time. This accessory is distinguished by the elegance of design, and thoughtfulness of every detail.

Extraordinary, talented, with a non-standard vision of beauty - this is how you can characterize the founder of the brand of the same name, Tom Ford. The optics of Tom Ford catches the eye with a symbiosis of elegance, glamor, and playfulness. Tom Ford amazes us with his imagination, each new collection is an idea and its implementation that amazes the mind: women and men, adult eminent people, artists - everyone can find their expression of individuality in any collection from Tom Ford. A spectacular style would not be possible without a responsible approach to the choice of materials and modern production methods. The main emphasis is on acetate, a polymer thermoplastic. It is light, strong, and resistant to mechanical impact. Individual components are made of titanium in Japan. The lenses of Tom Ford's eyeglasses are made of glass.

Perfect round shapes in massive glossy frames, irregular geometries, Aviator glasses that are so traditional but completely different from other brands, eye-catching retro glasses, ultra-modern frame shapes, and color combinations - all new models of  eyewear for women and men are exclusive versions of the best-selling glasses. Combinations of the classic Cat-Eye shape of the 60s with the massive Butterfly shape seem very unusual. Each of these frames can act both as a fashion supplement, as well as a frame for vision lenses with a very refined and elegant design. If glasses of a certain shape are suitable for you in connection with the features of the oval of the face or your own preferences, then most likely, you will find them among the various variations of glasses of the Tom Ford brand. Each product is a bold embodiment of designer fantasy, careful work, high-quality lenses, and attention to every detail. 

Audacity and courage are the distinguishing features of the brand's products, which can be traced in every detail. Tom Ford started with eyeglasses. Already the first collection loudly declared itself at the Paris exhibitions, proving that the fashion designer has an original imagination and bright charisma. A year later, the owner of the brand received a prestigious award in the nomination of the best accessories of the year. We have both men's and women's Tom Ford glasses. At the same time, each product is made in its own unique style and is suitable to reflect the inner world of its owner. The catalog of EyeOns online optical store presents a truly huge assortment of eyewear from well-known manufacturers. Here you will find both men's and women's accessories in classic and modern designs.