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Wrap Glasses Frames for Men and Women

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Products: 124 of 54

What thrills an active man or a woman more than upcoming adventures? Even a small gamble can inspire people to go ahead and to reach more.

Some of them live for extreme. They permanently hang out doing their rock climbing or sliding down the icy slopes, taking part in the desert car racing or doing a little parkour.

Others practiсe reasonable and everyday sports activity. For all these extreme, sports and also for travel lovers Wrap-around glasses is a perfect choice.

Special feature of this style is a curved frame that wraps around the face and head with the lenses hugging close to the face like a shield. All this construction gives an extra eyes protection from intensive sunlight, from dust and sand, from wind and snow.

Due to their particular shape and design, wrap-around sunglasses cover larger parts of the face, better protecting delicate skin around eyes from getting burned or injured while being involved into some activity. Wrap-around glasses are usually made of light-weight, strong and durable high-qualified materials, which makes their wearing very comfortable and safe.

Apart from that, people get pleasure owing such a classy fashionable accessory to use it not only for sports occasions. All-night party people will find this trendy thing extremely useful to rock on the dance floor during the nights and to hide dark circles during the days. Sometimes wrap-around glasses make you look absolutely cool and incredible as if you are a character in a fantastic movie.

If you can't imagine your days without hiking or biking, dancing or running, climbing or making other crazy things, wrap-around glasses will always be your big mate who shares the most amazing moments of your active life.

You should have these glasses, that's for sure!