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Wrap Glasses Frames for Men and Women

Polo™ - PH4156

$83.79 - $107.16

Prada™ - Active PS 08US

$121.67 - $282.00

ESS™ - CDI EE9002

$55.99 - $109.71

ESS™ - CDI Max EE9003

$55.99 - $74.54

ESS™ - Crowbar EE9019

$72.75 - $114.61

Ic! Berlin™ - Reese

$552.00 - $562.00

What thrills an active man or a woman more than upcoming adventures? Even a small gamble can inspire people to go ahead and reach more. Some of them live for the extreme. They permanently hang out doing their rock climbing or sliding down the icy slopes, taking part in desert car racing, or doing a little parkour. Others practice reasonable and everyday sports activities. For all these extreme, sports and also for travel lovers Wrap-around glasses are a perfect choice. A special feature of this style is a curved frame that wraps around the face and head with the lenses hugging close to the face like a shield. All this construction gives extra eyes protection from intensive sunlight, dust, sand, from wind, and snow.

Due to their particular shape and design, wrap-around sunglasses cover larger parts of the face, better protecting the delicate skin around the eyes from getting burned or injured while involved in some activity. Wrap-around glasses are usually made of lightweight, strong, and durable high-qualified materials, which makes their wearing very comfortable and safe. Apart from that, people get pleasure owning such a classy fashionable accessory to use it not only for sports occasions. All-night party people will find this trendy thing extremely useful to rock on the dance floor during the night and to hide dark circles during the day. Sometimes wrap-around glasses make you look absolutely cool and incredible as if you are a character in a fantastic movie.

Sunglasses are a key piece of protective equipment when it comes to sun exposure. Years of excessive sun exposure can cause damage to the eyes and even lead to the development of cancer. Wrap-around prescription glasses and sunglasses help surround your eyes in UV protective lenses while also meeting your prescription vision needs. Wrap optics is a practical alternative to fashion sunglasses, which can make you look cool, detached, or edgy. Such models will add an absolutely fashionable retro style to your summer outfit. Wrap-around glasses closely contour your features with a curved lens that provides full coverage for your eyes, the skin around them, and your peripheral vision. They might not always be better than other shapes, but they’ll always be practical — especially if you need to keep your vision sharp amid extremely bright light. 

Today, many brands produce wrap optics, among them are Nike, Oakley, and ESS. This shape has become very popular like other sports glasses. It cannot be said that they will suit any particular face shape because they carry a functional task. Most of them are used in sports. The main thing is to choose the right size. If you have a narrow head, then you do not need to buy large glasses, it is better to give preference to miniature models. Wrap models universal glasses with a large field of view. The extremely curved shape of the frame provides the best view for a variety of sports. Wrap-around sunglasses hug the contours of your face, preventing the sun’s rays from creeping in around the edges. That cuts down on the glare and bright spots that obscure your vision when you’re outdoors. From novelty futuristic styles to performance sports glasses, these wrap-around glasses offer an out-of-this-world look.

Style is always a top consideration when selecting wrap-around prescription sunglass frames. This frame style offers a sleek look with lens sizes and shapes that vary. With their close-fitting design, these frames provide excellent protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Wrap-around sunglasses can be a comfortable design to wear for many people. The snug fit hugs the sides of the head, the bridge of nose, and tops of the ears. They are a great choice when participating in any outdoor pursuit. Some models even provide a backstrap to ensure a secure fit when engaging in vigorous activity. This frame cuts wind with or without its removable facial cavity seal attached. Its extended orbital design allows for better peripheral vision, while its neoprene ear socks grip your face, even as you perspire.

Wrap-around sunglasses with prescription lenses offer great protection from the sun since they cover your eyes from all angles. UV rays can cause damage to the eyes and over time, exposure can lead to cancers of the eye. It is important to protect your eyes every time you are outdoors, whether you are engaging in recreational activities or performing everyday tasks. UV rays can penetrate cloud cover so be sure to remain vigilant on cloudy days as well. Lens options including various tints and polarization will help ensure you find the right style and protection for you. When selecting wrap frames at EyeOns, consider comfort and fit as well as sun protection options. With so many styles to choose from in our online store, you are sure to find a pair that will suit your prescription needs and satisfy your style requirements at the same time.