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ic! berlin 2023 Eyewear Collection

Ic! Berlin™ - Maloja

$565.00 - $575.00

Ic! Berlin™ - Notos

$565.00 - $575.00

ic! berlin is a German company and innovator in the field of optics. It was founded in 1996 by designers Ralph Anderle, Philipp Hoffmans, and Harold Gottschling. Being responsible for uncompromising quality, the products of the brand are created exclusively at a big factory in berlin. A unique invention of ic! berlin - frames without a single hinge or screw, laser cut from a single sheet of steel. They are almost imperceptible on the face, do not deform, and easily restore their shape after bending. The innovative technique for making frames was first appreciated in 1998 at a prestigious exhibition in Milan, where the authors of the novelty received the SILMO Grand Prix. Since 2005, ic! berlin produces frames made of cellulose acetate, surprising with a unique design and rich colors. And the 2023 eyewear collection will definitely surprise us no less.

ic! Berlin 2023 Eyewear Collection

ic! berlin eyeglasses are made of titanium alloy, which has high strength. Products are flexible, not subject to deformation, and even after bending, they easily take on their original shape. At the same time, the frames are incredibly light and so comfortable that they are practically not felt on the face. Therefore, wearing, for example, an Owen model, each person will immediately understand why the production of models takes so much time. In the Asper model, the front end looks slightly sporty, despite its rectangular shape and medium size. Most often, the design of this frame is characterized by the minimization of decorative elements, guaranteeing absolute wearing comfort.

ic! Berlin Eyewear

The Maloja model with its square shape is a real eye-catcher. The front part is a thoughtful architectural solution that combines different elements, forming a stylistic unity. This is an original design solution for everyday use. Despite their simple design, they are distinguished by their exquisite design. Each ic! berlin eyewear model has a handy feature. They are easy to customize for a specific client. Moreover, lens replacement is easy to do on your own at home. Even without special tools and certain skills, it will not be difficult to separate the frame from the temples, fix the lenses, and adjust the frame to your parameters. Such an advantage makes ic! berlin products are universal, reliable, and very comfortable in wearing.

ic! Berlin Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

The 2023 ic! berlin eyewear collection also includes Tungsten which impresses with elegant details such as the 6mm thin screwless hinge. In addition, the frame feels particularly light despite its large, square shape. They have precisely adjustable temples for a comfortable fit. Vanadium is a combination of classic shape and stylish design. This accessory was created specifically for stylish men and is able to emphasize the impeccable taste of its owner. The peculiarity of the frame of this model is that it is created without screws and is made of thin, very light stainless steel. The unusual shape will complement your appearance and accentuate your facial features. Lenses are reliably protected from scratches and other mechanical damage.

Now we can already say that ic! berlin glasses have revolutionized the world of fashionable optics and have become as popular as Dior or Prada eyewear. And this is despite the fact that the brand completely ignores the latest trends, forming its own vision of fashion accessories. The 2023 collection only confirms this. The creators of the brand vouch for the quality of their eyeglasses. Each model is created in Berlin and assembled by hand (at least partially) while remaining registered until the end of the operation. Today sunglasses and medical frames from ic! berlin are sold in over 60 countries. And on the streets of big cities, all over the world, you can find millions of satisfied owners of this eyewear.