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Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Men

Ray-Ban™ - RB4376

$155.00 - $175.00

Ray-Ban™ - RB4374

$140.00 - $190.00

Ray-Ban™ - RB8361M

$253.00 - $278.00

Ray-Ban™ - RB3686

$185.00 - $270.00

Ray-Ban™ - RB4375

$163.00 - $228.00

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Ray-Ban™ - RB3687

$151.00 - $201.00

Ray-Ban™ - RB3690

$151.00 - $216.00

Ray-Ban™ - David RB3582

$163.00 - $213.00

Ray-Ban™ - RB3688

$151.00 - $216.00

Ray-Ban™ - RB3691

$151.00 - $216.00

The legendary brand of sunglasses and ophthalmic frames Ray-Ban was created by the American company Bausch & Lomb almost a century ago. The brand's first sunglasses were designed for American pilots. It was the Aviator model, the main purpose of which was to protect the eyes of military pilots from blinding rays and glare. The comfortable teardrop-shaped frame did not interfere with the full view and fit perfectly on the face, while the green lenses improved the clarity of the image. The optical lenses of these sunglasses were created using a special coating that protected the eyes from both ultraviolet and infrared rays.

This new invention of opticians was accepted and appreciated and since then, Ray-Ban pilot-shaped sunglasses have become an essential attribute of many men - first for military service, and then as a stylish accessory for everyday wear. The Aviators were followed by other equally popular models, for example, the Wayfarers, which still lead the ranking of the most popular sunglass styles. Trapezoidal glasses were coveted by everyone who wanted to stand out and demonstrate their style. In the late nineties, the Italian company Luxottica Group acquired Ray-Ban and a new era of the legendary brand began - the model range expanded and the brand's popularity grew from year to year, thanks to the skillful combination of new technologies and the historical heritage of the brand.

Created for the needs of the American military, Ray-Ban has turned into a world-famous brand, which has repeatedly experienced another rebirth for the sake of fashion, but at the same time, it has retained its unique and instantly recognizable character. Today, you don't have to be a pilot to buy Ray-Ban eyewear. It is enough to have a sense of taste and a desire to be in style. For more than ten years, the world's most famous sunglasses have been produced in Italy by the Luxottica company, which has completely preserved the lens production technology and added many new models. The company currently works with many other well-known brands, including Oakley, Vogue, Prada, and others.

Among Ray-Ban’s range, there is a large selection of men's and women's sunglasses for every taste. A number of models are released in unisex style, which allows you to beautifully complement the image of a representative of any gender. Thanks to the variety of forms, everyone can choose the right product for themselves. No less wide is the color palette. Impeccable symmetry with elegant and stylish design is reflected in the luxurious models of sunglasses and eyeglasses from this brand. Sleek shapes, quality materials, and first-class finishes leave a pleasant impression, and thanks to their versatile shape and unique design, you can wear Ray-Ban eyewear anywhere, looking confident and stylish during any life event.

With the introduction of innovative technologies into manufacturing, the Ray-Ban models have become even better and more stylish. The production method is really impressive. Each model is made according to the drawings of talented designers, using the manual labor of the best craftsmen and showing the world full-fledged, original, and incredibly high-quality accessories. Ray-Ban men's sunglasses make you fall in love at first sight, and after the first try-on, you no longer want to part with these glasses. The favorite material for the production of sunglasses and frames of the company is titanium - an unusually light, durable, and hypoallergenic material, thanks to which the accessories are very comfortable and reliable in everyday wear.

Looking at Ray-Ban sunglasses, you understand that they are incredibly stylish and relevant for our time. Without a doubt, the accessories of this brand are changing the usual course of things, creating a craze for new fashion. Millions of people around the world, many Hollywood stars, businessmen, and politicians prefer Ray-Ban not only because of the well-known and respected company but also because there is nothing comparable to this brand in terms of quality. Thanks to the variety of choices and the wide range of prices of Ray-Ban sunglasses, you can not only protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation but also complement your look, and emphasize an extraordinary style. The manufacturer offers a large number of products for this purpose in different shapes and colors so that everyone can choose the most suitable option for themselves.