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Butterfly Sunglasses for Men & Women

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For a long time, sunglasses have had a useful protection purpose – they help to protect our eyes from harmful and even dangerous ultraviolet radiation. But nowadays, sunnies are much more than just a protection tool. Today there is a wide assortment of interesting and unique shapes of sunglasses to choose from. Contemporary people like to choose eye-catching and exciting shapes like Butterfly sunglasses. If you want to find exciting and uncommon sunnies to make a bold fashion statement we are going to suggest you pay attention to Butterfly sunglasses which can be combined with a great variety of styles and are suitable for any situation and occasion. This shape suits any type of clothes and can add a fashionable and modish touch to any look, whether you are going to a business meeting or going for a date with someone special.

When you are choosing a pair of modish and stylish sunglasses do not forget to determine the shape, size, and color of your frame correctly to complete your wardrobe perfectly and make an ideal fit. Among other shapes, Butterfly glasses are designed for people who are keen on fashion and have a wonderful taste. This fashionable and modish shape will be appropriate for all face types from oval and square to round and heart-shaped. If you prefer sophisticated and classic shades or more bright colors, in any situation you will be able to find any color that will be suitable for a different taste. Butterfly-shaped sunnies are always available in various trendy colors and even combinations of stunning shades to match any taste.

Butterfly glasses belong to the high-popular shape of sunglasses of the 50s. Movie stars like Marylin Monroe have also worn such eyewear and made incredible and breathtaking looks with them. Today, this model is making a great comeback among modern women and men who can't resist its chic side. Butterfly-shaped glasses were created in the mid-1950s. At that time, they were already associated with fashion because they were used as an eye-catching accessory. Later in 1961, the form first appeared on the cinema screen, where the actress Audrey Hepburn famously wore them, and right after that moment, women from all over the world started to wear them due to the elegant touch which they give to outfits. Also, Drew Barrymore was a huge fan of Butterflied-shaped glasses and often appeared in them in public. And nowadays you can notice such shapes of sunglasses among different celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Courtney Kardashian, Kate Moss, Paris Hilton, Rihanna and a lot of others.

In the 1960s, the Butterfly glasses had crazy popularity and every woman who showed up with these eyeglasses or sunglasses was considered a fashion icon. New designs of this eyewear with revolutionary molding techniques, new high-quality and top-rated materials, and the number of trendy colors in which butterfly glasses were available came onto the market and delighted the female and male gender. Butterfly glasses became the icon of the glamorous pin-up archetype of the 1960s. Unfortunately, as always happens, later public interest in this form of frame began to decline. And a few years later, it completely disappeared. But then suddenly the retro and timeless Butterfly-shaped style of glasses was reborn from their ashes. Today, you can notice that such a shape of eyewear is still popular and respected. The reappearance in the fashion world goes hand in hand with the comeback of timeless accessories such as Butterfly glasses.

The high-fashioned and good-looking Butterfly spectacles will become an important and uncommon accessory in everyone's wardrobe. An interesting fact is that when you wear sunglasses, you feel surprisingly different. Firstly your eyes are protected from harmful sun rays and dangerous ultraviolet rays and secondly your outfit is always complete with such an incredible accessory. Also with sunglasses, you will be able to prevent eye disease related to the sun. It is undoubtedly when you put sunnies on you will be able to see more and enjoy the view more than overwise who forget to wear them. Another useful feature is that sunglasses will help protect your eyes if they are recovering from a procedure. And last, but not least, another reason is you will be able to avoid unpleasant and terrible headaches and migraines.  At the same time, sunglasses can supply any outfit with a fashionable touch. If impressing others with your taste was a difficult task for you just put on your sunglasses and you will see how everything will change. Now, the mystery secret is revealed and you know what to do to dress and pick up the right accessories. Just add eyewear to your outfit and your look will seem different and more fashionable.

Women's Butterfly sunglasses were created for confident and contemporary women. They will fit any face shape and also the incredibly feminine butterfly glasses offer a real visual facelift. However, be careful, the eyebrow line should follow the improved shape of this frame. For this reason, Butterfly-shaped glasses will be perfect for one hundred percent of the oval face types. Another benefit of this shape of sunglasses is that they also perfectly refine the areas that fit into a circle. However, you should avoid temples that are too thick on the frame side. An interesting fact is that the Butterfly shape of sunglasses has this magical effect of stretching the features thanks to their harmoniously rounded shapes. Such a shape of glasses is able to enhance your look and also emphasize your strong sides in fashion and excellent taste. Crafted from high-quality and the finest materials such as durable and solid metal, lightweight and hypoallergenic plastic, strong titanium, and flexible metal, which can bend without breaking, Butterfly sunglasses guarantee you lifelong service and the ability to not let you down under any unpleasant and unpredictable circumstances. Be sure that with these sunglasses you get both a fashionable, modish, and stylish look and a top-rated tool for protection from dangerous sun rays.

No, the Butterfly frame is not just for women. Men can benefit from it as long as it's not very thin and less elongated. The ideal model for these men is a frame that mixes oval and Rectangular shapes. This will look great on a man with an elongated or rectangular face. Basically, this type of man is characterized by a longer and wider face, which is connected to a relatively long nose. But, truth be told, this shape of sunglasses will be suitable for any face type of the male gender. World-known and highly respected fashion houses and brands try to create new, fresh, unique, uncommon and stylish designs of butterfly-shaped sunglasses every day. For example, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Emporio Armani, Giorgio Armani, Juicy Couture, Kenneth Cole, Longines, Ralph Lauren, Prada, Saint Laurent - all these world-known companies have their own voguish and uncommon styles of Butterfly-shaped sunglasses. Complete your daily and common look with such a shape of sunnies and you will notice how they bring your look to a whole new level. You can go through our huge assortment of women's and men's Butterfly sunglasses and complete your wardrobe with such a modish and convenient accessory right now. Please be welcome and enjoy!