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Balenciaga Eyeglasses

Balenciaga™ - BB0214O

$167.35 - $285.00

Balenciaga™ - BB0197O

$173.70 - $303.75

Balenciaga™ - BB0128O

$154.92 - $262.50

The iconic fashion house Balenciaga was established in 1917 by a talented Spanish couturier Cristóbal Balenciaga who is defined as an architect of haute couture and the fashion titan of the century due to his exquisite craftsmanship and revolutionary designs. Balenciaga was avant-garde and visionary with his pioneering shapes of women's clothes in which he experimented with silhouettes through volumes, symmetries, and chromatic contrasts. The new aesthetic of Balenciaga's designs changed the view on women's fashion making it more minimalistic, abstracted, and asymmetrical. The brand’s collections of glasses combine both modern and vintage eyewear styles. In its immaculate artworks, the company masterfully balances simplicity and restraint with eccentricity and distinctiveness.

The concept of modernity, originality, and refined elegance is traced in every eyewear item which is made with creativity and passion. Balenciaga showcases particular eyeglasses from classic Square, Round or Rectangle shapes to tiny and Oversized glasses with original contemporary geometry. These days, the brand specializes in the design of apparel, footwear, and accessories and is managed by the Kering Group which is one of the biggest and most well-known corporations - it copes with producing luxurious goods, including first-class eyewear crafted from high-quality materials. Find your perfect pair of Balenciaga eyeglasses to be pleased with a strong fashion look and perceive the real luxury. Take it from us, if you add this small but definitely memorable accessory, you will get a brand-new look that embodies a fresh approach to fashion.

Moreover, eyeglasses are not just stylish pieces but they also serve as ideal coverage from a variety of stimuli. For instance, when you are planning on going outside, especially when it's windy, spectacles help to keep your eyes safe from the entering of dust, dirt, sand, and lots of other things. Besides, they can become a so-called barrier from ultraviolet radiation that you can get either directly from the sun or from the screen of your gadgets. We know how it happens - modern people use their smartphones and laptops all the time which is why glasses are so frequently used not just among those with vision impairment but freelancers and gamers as well. Although there is no surprise that optical frames are a must-have accessory for people who want to improve their eyesight and see better. In any case, they will become a perfect add-on for everyone regardless of their purposes and requirements.

The first thing you should take into account when buying a new pair of eyeglasses is the material that has been used in the crafting process. Even though Balenciaga uses only high-quality materials, including flexible acetate and ultra-strong metal, some people have super sensitive skin - in this case, it is best to go to the doctor and get a piece of advice on which models of eyeglasses are hypoallergenic and suitable for the skin that is quite delicate. The brand does its best to produce only lifelong eyewear models that feature unparalleled durability, sturdiness, and flexibility. Besides, some materials have additional but not less important characteristics - for instance, acetate is well-known for its great level of transparency and easy interaction with hues and temperatures. This is why there is an extremely wide range of Balenciaga eyewear designs on the market.

At EyeOns, you can choose from a variety of eyeglasses depending on their frame type and frame shapes. Browse through our store and take a look at the fullest Balenciaga collection of full-rim, semi-rimless, and rimless spectacles. If you are wondering what makes all the difference, we are going to tell you. Rimless glasses feature just bald lenses with no borders while full-rim ones have sturdy and durable edges crafted from metal or other strong materials. Semi-rimless models do have a rim but it's rather simple and less strong. Although many people choose the frame type according to their fashion-related desires and preferences, not the features of a particular model. Nevertheless, now you know the difference and can opt for the right frame taking into account both how the glasses look and how strong they are going to be.

Balenciaga's selection of eyewear will not leave you indifferent. Can you believe how many alluring and outstanding shapes the manufacturers have in their arsenal? Here are some of them - if you want to get a flirty and playful look that will reveal your coquettish nature, it makes sense to pay attention to Butterfly and Cat-eye glasses. If your main goal is to look for a modest but wonderful pair of optical frames, why not consider classy Aviators or elegant Squares? Wayfarers are perfect if you are eager to come up with a sophisticated and bold outfit while Ovals are wonderfully suitable for most face types and help to create stunning images. Besides, Balenciaga offers luxurious models in a variety of other shapes, including Geometrics, Narrows, Rounds, and other types of eyewear. There is absolutely no way you won't find a perfect pair of glasses for yourself, believe it.

Balenciaga is the definition of beauty, high quality, and eye-catching designs. We would not be wrong if we said that each pair crafted by the brand's manufacturers embodies unparalleled functionality and is made with meticulous attention to every detail. No matter which model you choose, you will be impressed with its strength and miraculous appearance. As an official retailer, we present only 100% original Balenciaga eyeglasses to provide you with authentic and luxurious products. As you can notice, each pair has an engraved logo with the name of the brand and is usually located in the middle of the lower side of the lenses. You can also find it on the surface of the temples, though. Anyway, our main goal is to deliver the chosen pair of spectacles safely, carefully, and with no scratches as a result. You will be totally satisfied with such Balenciaga glasses - getting the spotlight is guaranteed. So, go ahead and opt for the most suitable and most beautiful eyewear model from this well-known brand.