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Geometric Glasses Frames for Men and Women

Products: 124 of 457
Products: 124 of 457

The selection of a frame shape is very important. Glasses can be distinguished by various frames and lenses shapes. Lenses of different simple geometric shapes - round, oval, rectangular, square are inserted into a frame forming the style of glasses.Following the latest trends, fashion designers experiment with complex geometric shapes when creating new collections of sunglasses and eyeglasses. Thanks to this, glasses with a large number of angles gradually come into fashion. The simplest shapes are rectangles and squares, but frames with five, six and eight corners are gaining increasing recognition - the more the better.
The choice of the frame shape depends first of all on a style which a person prefers. When choosing a pair of glasses anyone should keep in mind that such a powerful accessory, like glasses, can eiether successfully complement the image or destroy it in dust. Therefore, the selection of frames must be approached with all responsibility and seriousness, taking into account the shape of the face and the usual style of clothing.