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Aviator Eyeglasses for Women

Guess™ - GU2685

$90.23 - $115.91

Bottega Veneta™ - BV1159O

$172.60 - $330.00

Nowadays, there can be no doubt about the importance of wearing eyeglasses. Unfortunately, many people suffer from vision impairment and start seeing things worse than they used to. It is a common problem but there is a way to improve your sight in just a click. This can be done with a pair of high-quality eyeglasses. Thankfully, the niche of eyewear manufacturers spreads its borders every single day and can offer a wide range of women's optical frames to choose from. This way, it is possible to meet the needs and desires of even the most demanding customers. It is vital that you take care of your eyes and provide them with a first-rate accessory. Besides, not only do glasses sharpen your vision and help you to see better but they also keep the dust and dirt from entering your eyes and, thus, causing allergies or inflammations.

Moreover, eyewear is not about practical use only - you can use glasses as a stylish accessory that brings a touch of elegance, creativity, or boldness to the whole look. A lot of women enjoy having spectacles in their wardrobes and cannot imagine a look completed without this eye-catching element. Glasses bring a lot to the fashion world. Notably, they can turn even the simplest outfits into something extravagant and out-of-this-world. Besides, when you get just one pair of eyeglasses, you can combine this accessory with numerous clothing sets, and each look is going to be different and not similar to previous ones. The horizons are wide - you can come up with lots of images, whether they are flirty, nerdy, modish, or casual. Thankfully, accessorizing is a huge playground where you can get inventive and mix clothes with accessories in any possible way.

You may wonder if there is any universal shape of eyeglasses to start with. We are going to answer you right away. Absolutely yes! Of course, there are many shapes, including playful Cat-eyes, elegant Wayfarers, classy Rounds, chic Ovals, stylish Butterflies, and many others. But if you are looking for a shape that will suit most of your wardrobe, you should definitely pay attention to Aviators. Additionally, these frames are perfect for most face types, especially for those people who have oval, square, and heart faces. It is all about the sizes, though. Depending on the face proportions, you can find the right pair of Aviators that will highlight your features and not cover too much skin area. This way, your unique personality is going to be noticed and gather admiring glances from other people.

When did the first Aviators appear? The thirties of the last century gave rise to this amazing shape of spectacles. Although, at first the world saw sunglasses, and only years later, people got an opportunity to receive optical frames in the Aviator shape as well. So, let's dive into history a bit. Back then, the pilots of the United States Army needed reliable eye protection and a glare reduction device when they had to fly at high altitudes. In 1937, the Bausch & Lomb company invented comfortable and durable eyewear. The teardrop shape perfectly coped with protecting the pilots' eyes without visibility limitations. Aviators managed to get popular among both pilots and regular people, and these days, there is an endless array of such eyewear, and this iconic shape never goes out of fashion.

As we can see, the history of Aviator glasses is quite interesting and the appearance of this shape is easily explained. At first, they were practical coverage that copes with its tasks perfectly. Now, they have become a wonderful way to accentuate your impeccable taste and breathe a new life into your every outfit. Moreover, you can add eyeglasses to any look, no matter which style is your favorite. Also, they are suitable for both daily wear and other occasions, such as going to a restaurant, visiting a friend, enjoying a stroll, working, reading, and any event or occupation you are engaged in. If you are into sports or other activities that involve wearing a helmet or any headgear but your sight has to remain sharp, Aviators work well here too. These are universal spectacles that you can wear and carry with no effort. What's not to like?

The problem that a lot of women face when they want to get a pair of eyeglasses is that they have some doubts that concern the material part. So, here, we can offer you Aviator frames crafted from acetate, titanium, metal, and plastic. Each of them has its own advantages and distinguishing features. For instance, acetate is hypoallergenic and it makes it a wonderful and safe choice for a wide range of people. Also, it is rich in exclusive and eye-catching designs and can offer lots of interesting textures and bright hues. Plastic is well-known for its glare-resistance abilities - if your main goal is to reduce the lights, such spectacles will be perfect for you. Titanium and metal provide you with durability. Try to crack these glasses!It would be quite hard, wouldn't it?

At our online store, you can go through an array of different eyeglasses that vary by size, color palettes, and materials. Although, there is a thing that connects them all, and we are talking about quality. Here, we offer only first-rate models of spectacles made by the leading world fashion brands, including Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Calvin Klein, Boss, Fendi, Ray-Ban, Jimmy Choo, Oakley, Polaroid, Oliver Peoples, and many other time-tested and trustworthy companies. Of course, there are thousands of brands out there but if you are looking for the combination of the highest quality and affordability, you have come to the right place. Go through the whole assortment of Aviator glasses and provide your eyes with great eye coverage that serves as a luxurious accessory and a means of vision improvement.