Shield Glasses Frames for Men and Women

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Products: 124 of 145

Sunglasses are an essential attribute in the summer. They not only help to complete the image, but first of all protect eyes and the delicate skin around them from ultraviolet radiation. The shapes of fashionable sunglasses have different representations: round Teashades, oval and square Oversized, celebrated Aviators and Wayfarers, flirty Cat-eyes and romantic Butterflies, narrow frames of unusual geometric shapes.

Inspired by sports ski masks, fashion designers decided to recreate unique fashion sunglasses. This bold and futuristic model resembles a ski mask designed with big, oversized shapes and mono lenses. This mix of sporty style and practicality is one of the most striking trends of the last years.

They consist of one big solid lens both in the frame or without it, covering a considerable part of the face. The frames for this model can be of any shape. There are also rimless models consisting of a single lens.
The frames of such glasses fit tightly on the face, so they are comfortable to wear. Depending on the design, Shield sunglasses may look both massive and heavy, as well as sophisticated and ethereal.

If the main task of sunglasses is to protect eyes from ultraviolet radiation, then extra-large shield sunglasses cope with it perfectly. Besides, the shield model helps to create an incomparable outrageous image both for men and women.
They are undoubtedly a good choice for creative, courageous people who like to draw attention to themselves.