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2020 Collection

ic! Berlin 2020 Eyewear Collection

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Products: 124 of 43


If someone asked to name the best eyewear manufacturers of the time, ic! berlin is sure to be on the list! Why? The explanation is pretty simple: it is a one-and-only originator of authentic screwless eyewear that features an intelligent and super stylish design. The 2020 year was challenging and contributed significantly to the way we live and see the world around us. Through the course of the year, ic! berlin launched several impressive eyewear collections built around a sustainable core. The manufacturer recycles leftover materials in a responsible way. It also utilizes fewer material resources wherever possible without compromising on products’ quality and performance.

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Ic! Berlin believes that the only way to create a truly outstanding piece of eyewear with beautiful texture, refined colors and finishes is to bring a sharp focus on precision craftsmanship and finest quality materials. That’s why the manufacturer utilizes natural, cotton-based acetate from Italy, extremely durable and lightweight beta-titanium from Japan, sturdy and sleek cold-rolled stainless steel from Germany, and exclusive horn from Indian water buffalo. At the beginning of 2020, the renowned brand presented a new, luxurious Horn Collection with genuine frames that feature timeless, highly wearable designs perfect for a contemporary Gentleman.

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To demonstrate their extensive design explorations, ic! berlin unveiled a ground-breaking Creations Collection, which is a result of a successful collaboration with a legendary auto manufacturer Mercedes-Benz. The assortment includes four perfectly shaped, driving-inspired pilot sunglasses (MB1, MB2, MB3, and AMG 01 LAMELLE) and an eye-catching showpiece called the MB Shield. The latter model was inspired by the Mercedes-Benz Style ethos of progressive and intelligent design. It is a distinctive mono-lens eyewear piece that provides an extremely bold and fashionable look. Its stainless steel frame is protruding through the lens creating a clean and ultra-modern touch.

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Ic! Berlin skilled craftsmen create each pair of glasses by hand in their modern manufactory in Berlin. To give their eyewear a precision shape and superior fit, they utilize their proven expertise in cutting, bending, and finishing. For Spring/Summer 2020, the brand presented its Classic Collection with beautiful sunglasses and optical frames for men and women completely made of sheet metal. The assortment includes both classic silhouettes, such as the Henning O., Urban, P-Berg, Wolfener and more modern, sporty frames, like the i see, Mauerpark Jaspis, Reese, and many other ground-breaking designs. Each pair of spectacles features the unmatched quality and premium look that leaves no one indifferent.

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Especially for those men and women who prefer to live an active way of life, ic! berlin designed the Urban Collection that includes sporty fashionable glasses. The frames feature a sturdy stainless steel construction and are enhanced with bright rubber accents for a modern and innovative look. The highlights of the collection are the Bloc, Runway, and Skyway. Whichever eyewear design by ic! berlin you choose, you are guaranteed to get nothing but the authentic look, premium quality, perfect fit and unrivalled performance. Join the list of the brand’s loyal fans, which already includes the world’s most famous artists and celebrities, such as Jason Statham, Brad Pitt, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Taraji Henson, Ansel Elgort, and other popular stars.