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Oakley Kato Eyewear Collection

Oakley™ - Kato OO9455

$203.33 - $208.37

The style of the American manufacturer Oakley is to be different from other brands, providing its customers around the globe with maximum wearing comfort and absolute safety. Judging by the growth in sales of stylish and modern accessories, this approach is popular among fashionistas and those who prefer to be different. The Oakley catalog is divided into purpose-built collections for different target audiences, tastes and preferences. This is very convenient, because everyone can easily find what they need. The famous US brand pays great attention to representatives of extreme professions and lovers of risky activities. Oakley Kato Eyewear Collection is made for such people. It will appeal to athletes who set themselves ambitious goals.

Oakley Kato Eyewear Collection

Since the time of Ancient Hellas, athletes from different countries have been repeating the mantra "faster, higher, stronger." This motto of the Olympic Games is fully shared by politicians, businessmen and scientists. Sports style has become a part of modern life. It's no surprise that Oakley sports accessories are popular far beyond stadiums and racetracks. What is comfortable for athletes fits well with the image of ordinary people who prefer an active lifestyle. Such is the logic of life. The Oakley Kato Eyewear Collection redefines the comfort of wearing sunglasses. This series features a disruptive design that includes some very interesting innovations. Each of them is worth talking about separately.

Oakley Kato Sunglasses

Sunglasses Kato OO9455M will tell demanding clients the main advantages of all models from the Oakley Kato Eyewear Collection. This is the oversized goggles with a rimless plastic rectangular frame. An athlete looking for a comfortable and practical accessory should pay attention to the innovative tilt function and multiple nosepads. They differ in thickness, but each is equipped with Unobtainium inserts. This proprietary material has the amazing ability to increase grip during heavy sweating. Another feature of this model is the adjustable rake, which allows the sunglasses' wearer to tilt the lens to create perfect contact with the bridge of the nose and cheek. It can be adapted to any type of face with maximum precision.

Oakley Kato Frames

Accessories from the Oakley Kato Eyewear Collection are designed to keep lenses as close to the eyes as possible, while providing optimal vision and a secure grip on the athlete's face during training and competition. One cannot lose in these sunglasses because they are made for winners. The engineers of the legendary US brand have developed a technology for manufacturing lenses with an extended wrap and rigidity in key areas. Thus, the rimless model is not inferior in strength to eyewear with thick full rimmed frames. Faster, higher and stronger is also the motto of Oakley, for many years. This American manufacturer is not afraid to push the boundaries of performance, expanding the comfort zone for athletes and anyone who chooses an active lifestyle.

Oakley eyewear is equipped with lenses made using proprietary Prizm Technology. The brand takes pride in its inventions and this one is one of the best. It gives the wearer incredible vision quality in any weather. Oakley lenses are the result of tests in different conditions, as close as possible to extreme life situations. Today they are at the top of safety ratings and are very popular among athletes, racers, drivers, climbers, businessmen, fishermen and anyone who wants to see the target clearly. Success is impossible without stylish and comfortable accessories, Oakley designers are convinced. These are the eyeglasses and sunglasses presented in various collections of the brand, including the Kato.