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Oakley Ahyris Eyewear Collection

Oakley™ - Chrystl OO4136

$121.50 - $140.79

Oakley™ - Deadbolt OO6046

$202.60 - $233.94

Oakley™ - OO6042

$135.00 - $172.89

Oakley™ - OO9451

$120.14 - $158.20

Oakley™ - Deadbolt OX5141

$174.21 - $335.48

Oakley is a world-known brand that was founded by James Jannard and based in California in 1975. You wouldn't believe it but he invested only $300 and his garage was the place for product crafting. Unbelievable, right? This is all true, though. Interestingly, the company got increasing recognition and popularity in 1980 after coming up with an excellent pair of goggles that had the Oakley logo on the strap. Nowadays, it is a huge corporation that produces many goods of luxurious quality, including amazing clothing, professional sports equipment, and gorgeous sunglasses crafted from first-rate materials, including titanium, metal, plastic, and others. Following the newest technologies and sticking to the latest trends, Oakley manages to design outstanding accessories that millions of people consider their favorites.

Polaroid Eyeglasses

The new Ahyris collection of the Oakley brand presents amazing models of men’s sunglasses that will bring maximum comfort and help to see better under the sun avoiding vision impairment. The new sunnies feature clean lines, progressive designs, and the most diverse range of hues and textures. Every model was crafted with meticulous attention to every detail in order to come up with excellent accessories that would serve long and guarantee the best experience for the wearer. Oakley has introduced an incredible eyewear collection that combines both style and comfort and adds a trendy touch to any outfit. If you're looking for stylish eyewear, you have come to the right place. Check out the best options and get ready to spice up your wardrobe.

Polaroid Eyeglasses

Every man can highlight their wonderful style and exclusivity with a luxurious and fully-functional Deadbolt OO6046 model that is available in 7 diverse color combinations. This pair is crafted from first-class titanium that will deliver the best experience in terms of durability and flexibility. To be honest, trying to break it, either on purpose or unintentionally, would become quite a challenge. No doubt, high-quality titanium is one of the most common choices among customers. If you're looking for a creative pair of Square-shapes sunnies, it makes sense to pay attention to these gorgeous OO6042 frames - they will be a perfect choice for most face types, especially oval ones. The best thing is that they are presented in 11 shades, and this, in turn, allows you to choose from a larger amount of options.

Polaroid Sunglasses

A lot of people prefer getting either plastic sunglasses because they are the most resistant to glare and help to increase visual clarity or metal ones because they deliver the highest level of sturdiness and strength. What would you do if you could get both materials in just one accessory? This cool OO9451 summer eyewear will become the brightest element of your personal wardrobe that works for many clothing sets. Another stunning model of Oakley's Ahyris collection is Chrystl OO4136 - these full-rim sunglasses serve as great eye coverage and a gorgeous frame that will complete any masculine look. Putting these sunnies on, a wearer receives maximum comfort and a high level of protection from ultraviolet radiation.

In case you are looking for more neutral tones, you should pay attention to this elegant and classy pair of round-shaped sunglasses that are named Deadbolt OX5141 and are available in 4 color combinations. Choosing the right palette, you should listen to your heart, and make sure that it suits your preferences. With the help of such a luxurious accessory, your look will bring your outfit to a whole new level in just a moment. Another model that will help you stand out among others and complete amazing looks is those voguish Apparition OX8152 sunglasses. Thankfully, they are suitable for both special occasions and daily wear because they provide you with a great casual look. Go through the whole Ahyris collection by Oakley and choose the most eye-catching model on EyeOns.