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Oakley Airdrop™ Eyewear Collection

Oakley is a brand renowned for its innovative eyewear solutions, timeless style, and uncompromising pursuit of excellence. For over 40 years Oakley has been providing athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and everyday wearers with stylish and functional eyewear. The company’s philosophy is to manufacture the most advanced technology in optics to enable peak performance at any level. Oakley's range of sunglasses comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors, but all offer premium protection from UV rays while also delivering clear vision and optimal comfort. All models feature polarized lenses that reduce glare for intense clarity in varying light conditions as well as Prizm lens technology which enhances color contrast for sharper details.

Oakley Airdrop Eyewear Collection

The part of the Oakley name comes from the word oak. Therefore, on the first logos buyers can see an acorn in a motorcycle outfit. After investing $300 in the first developments, Jim Jannard, a motorcyclist and motocross competitor, founded his brand in 1975 in his own garage. Jim designed motorcycle grips that didn't slip, spin, or get slippery in wet weather, he called them the Oakley Grip and sold them from the trunk of his car at various motocross events. And then he patented the material of these grips under the name "Unobtainium". Unobtainium is the first innovative material patented by Oakley and is used for eyeglasses temple tips and nose pads. The material provides maximum comfort by increasing grip on the skin, even when it is damp with sweat.

Oakley Airdrop Eyeglasses

Oakley regularly presents its new memorable collections, and each of them is featured with special characteristics. And the Airdrop collection is no exception. It contains only one pair of eyeglasses, but it still remains unique. Oakley offers statement pieces from their active lifestyle and fashion collections like the Airdrop OX8046 eyeglasses. This rectangular frame is crafted from plastic for a light and durable fit, with HDO lenses to provide crystal-clear vision and enhance natural colors without distorting them. The adjustable nose pads allow for greater comfort as well as a custom fit. One of the remarkable features of this model is the number of color combinations. We have a great opportunity to choose the best models from the 16 available shades!

Oakley Airdrop Frames

OX8046 is perfect for people who are looking for Oakley’s signature performance and quality eyewear in an understated design. Oakley eyeglasses are designed to last, making this pair of eyeglasses an ideal choice for those seeking to invest in timeless eyewear that will stand the test of time. Oakley’s commitment to excellence and innovation makes them a go-to brand when it comes to eyewear. Thanks to the OX8046 model customers are sure that their vision is being protected with superior technology, comfort, and style. This lightweight frame also boasts Oakley's signature Three-Point Fit, ensuring precise optical alignment and a secure fit. With these eyeglasses as part of its collection, Oakley continues to revolutionize the eyewear industry with innovative designs and cutting-edge technologies.

Nowadays, there are a huge number of brands of high-quality optics in the world. Everyone boasts state-of-the-art technology and solutions to the problems that plague all eyewear owners, no matter what they do. And UV protection is only a small part of the tasks set for manufacturing companies. Precisely because Oakley successfully solves most of the problems that arise, consistently remaining at the top of optical brands, the company has a dedicated fan base, whose ranks are constantly growing. Whether it is for fashion or peak optical performance, the company provides superior quality that stands the test of time. Oakley eyewear is the perfect balance of form and function, it is designed to meet the highest standards, making them a smart choice for any customer looking for quality eyewear.