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Oakley Sport Eyewear Collection

Oakley™ - Plazma OO9019

$126.68 - $171.50

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Oakley™ - Sutro OO9406

$108.32 - $144.30

Oakley is a famous American brand that creates elegant and modern eyewear for successful men and women around the world. As it turned out, comfort can be different, depending on the circumstances. Everyday wear emphasizes external characteristics, such as shocking elegance, and should match the individual style of the wearer. Another thing is eyeglasses and sunglasses for athletes and representatives of extreme professions. In this case, we are talking about good ventilation of the area around the eyes, timely removal of sweat during increased stress, and good grip on the face with the temples. Oakley Sports Eyewear Collection is a gallery of accessories for exercises and competitions. It offers designs and technologies that create maximum safety and comfort for the athlete.

Oakley Sport Eyewear Collection

Oakley's portfolio includes a wide variety of athletic eyewear made from durable and reliable materials that are safe on the face and eyes. They are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and fully comply with international quality and purpose standards. Unobtainium is unique. This material is inserted into the areas of the frames that are in close contact with the skin. In these places, most sweating occurs, but the wearer does not experience discomfort, since the eyewear does not fly off the head during sudden movements. Fans of functional sports equipment should also pay attention to premium PRIZM lenses, which provide clear and bright vision in any weather. The Sutro Lite Sweep OO9465 Rectangular Semi-Rimless Sunglasses are designed for racers, cyclists, and other men who like to navigate the planet at high speed.

Oakley Sport Sunglasses

Comfortable and practical sunglasses OO9181 will appeal to athletes and lovers of an active lifestyle. The model is equipped with a heavy-duty yet lightweight plastic frame, and the lenses have a concave contour at the bottom. It is very convenient for ventilation of the protected part of the face at high temperatures. This is also facilitated by holes along the upper edge of the front of the frame. Accessories from the Oakley Sport Eyewear Collection come in a range of frame and lens shades to perfectly complement the wearer's individual style. The engineers of the legendary USA brand pay attention to the excellent aerodynamic properties of the models from this series. The design of the Sport eyewear does not block the headwind, allowing the athlete to develop any speed toward victory and success.

Oakley Sport Frames

Elegant and modern, the Flak 2.0 OO9295 sunglasses are perfect not only for training but also for everyday wear. The model has a full-rimmed plastic rectangular frame and temples without ear hooks. This design provides excellent grip thanks to special inserts and thoughtful frame contours. Comfortable and practical sunglasses Evzero Blades (A) OO9454A reflect the style adopted in the youth environment. The model is useful for those who are engaged in parkour, industrial mountaineering, equestrian sports, racing, surfing, or delivering pizza along the crowded streets of the metropolis. The wearer of Oakley sunglasses gets excellent visibility and safe vision in all circumstances. The path to success can be easy and enjoyable, say the designers of the legendary US brand.

Stylish and elegant, the OO9144 sunglasses are created for gentlemen with good taste and the desire to look perfect in any situation. The model has an original design that combines several classic shapes, as well as shades of lenses in the range. It is designed for everyday wear while sunbathing, shopping, driving, cycling, dancing in a bar, and having a friendly meeting. Comfort is an opportunity for a person to be independent, reliably protect eyesight, and not restrain desires. Oakley gives this opportunity to everyone, regardless of gender, age, and skin color. Absolute comfort is not a blue dream, but an embodied reality that is available to anyone today. Welcome to the club of successful ladies and gentlemen who know the price of comfort!