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Oakley Socket 5.5 Eyewear Collection

Oakley continues to delight athletes and active lifestyle enthusiasts with comfortable and practical frames. Glasses are the hallmark of the soul and the façade of personality. A person can tell a lot about their position in life with the help of stylish and elegant eyewear. The classic metal frame betrays a university professor and an aspiring scientist. Such eyeglasses are worn by politicians, business people, officials and their assistants, accountants and all those who want to look serious and intelligent. Extravagant frames are preferred by artists, singers, musicians and representatives of creative professions. When a person wants to change the image, it is enough to choose a different design of eyewear.

Oakley Socket 5.5 Eyewear Collection

The legendary US brand is ready to offer a wide variety of bold designs and innovative solutions for different tastes and aesthetic preferences. The Oakley catalog features brilliant and original collections inspired by a specific model, event or phenomenon. Each of them reflects a certain attitude to reality. This is very convenient, because a busy person does not need to look through a huge army of glasses created for different styles and images. Oakley Socket 5.5 Eyewear Collection can be called inclusive, although the models presented in it are intended primarily for athletes. Eyeglasses from this series are focused on the extreme circumstances of intensive training and responsible competitions, but are quite suitable for casual style.

Oakley Socket 5.5 Eyeglasses

Stylish and elegant prescription glasses Socket 5.5 OX3218 are designed for gentlemen who prefer to look impressive and intelligent in different life situations. The model has an elegant semi-rimmed frame made of high-quality metal and is presented in several options. A discerning connoisseur of comfort can choose from lens widths and frame shades to better match individual style and unique image. Rectangular semi-rimless frames will suit most types of faces, as its design combines the contours of the Oval, Aviator and even Hexagon. Oakley knows how to find compromises and blur the lines where they interfere with the pursuit of perfection. True comfort knows no boundaries, the designers of the legendary US brand believe.

Oakley Socket 5.5 Frames

Models from the Oakley Socket 5.5 Eyewear Collection have certain advantages over other respected eyewear brands, although some design elements, such as swept angled lenses, have become the norm for most eyeglasses for athletes. Nothing needs to be changed where the ideal is achieved. Accessories from this series feature elegant C5 temples and air-filled silicone nose pads. The 3-point fit frame design provides a distributed grip around the entire contour. Perfect wearing comfort is achieved by adjusting the fit of the nose pads and temples with rubber inserts. Like a born nomad in the saddle of a wild horse, any frame from the Oakley Socket 5.5 Eyewear Collection is ready for the wearer's sudden, jerky movements.

Oakley is proud to introduce the amazing Unobtainium, a proprietary material used in areas where sweat is the greatest. The more the athlete sweats, the stronger the grip on the frame, without tension or discomfort. The legendary American brand has also developed its own technology for the production of lenses that prevent sharp and sudden glare from entering the eyes. Comfort is first of all safety brought to a mirror shine. Sweaty workouts and rainy days are no longer a problem for an athlete with a hydrophobic lens coating, as rain and sweat will not linger on them. An athlete wearing eyeglasses can look attractive and intelligent in training, during competitions and in everyday life. The Socket 5.5 Eyewear Collection gives this opportunity to everyone.