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Oakley Youth Eyewear Collection

Oakley was founded in 1975 by Jim Jannard. He was a scientist and inventor who believed in his futuristic ideas. The Oakley company grew on the foundation of the innovative ideas of its founder. Jim Jannard believed that the world could be better and serve people as much as any single object. This is what he was aiming for in the production of Oakley eyewear. Today, the brand occupies a leading position in the market of optical technologies. It develops sports technology and largely defines the sunglasses market. These glasses provide high image quality, eliminating the problems known from conventional lenses, which include light refraction. Oakley sunglasses effectively protect the eyes from the harmful effects of solar radiation and are also high-tech. The manufacturer gave them high resistance to any mechanical damage.

Oakley Youth Eyewear Collection

Oakley is perceived on the world market as a sports brand and a trademark that fits the lifestyle of active people. It is a combination of art and science that rejects the limitations of conventional ideas. The company is recognized as one of the most sought-after brands in the field of productive technologies and fashion. The Oakley’s Youth collection is a combination of the latest world technology, futuristic design, style, shape, and various functions. Although these glasses have sporty accents, they are also suitable for everyday use and work, combining them with many styles. The glasses of this line are a product where physics and art meet in one place. This is the ratio of artistry to pure technique. This combination has produced the best results, which are used by millions of people around the world.

Oakley Youth Sunglasses

The Oakley brand has almost always been associated with sports and activity, but it intends to continue with this, not only in sunglasses but also in prescription glasses. The frames are made of light but strong material, such as plastic, thanks to which they can accompany the user in any circumstance and are comfortable in any situation. This durable material can be seen both in Crosslink Youth (A) OX8111 and Quarter Jacket OO9200 models. Oakley is famous for its high-quality glasses, which are made of plastic that is resistant to damage and mechanical damage. All this so that the glasses help to cope with everyday tasks. The innovative Oakley True Edge Digital technology makes these glasses suitable for even the most demanding eyeglass wearers.

Oakley Youth Frames

Even though Oakley emphasizes the functional side of glasses, it does not forget about the latest trends and tries to weave the most fashionable accents into each model. Eyewear models in the Youth collection are dominated by bright colors, including red, yellow, and blue. Oakley glasses are for everyone who appreciates comfort, functionality, and timeless classics because among the models we can only find a rectangular shape. The brand offers unique sunglasses and prescription glasses with bold designs and high quality. Its products are created for fans of active recreation, they are also willingly used by ordinary people with casual style. These products reflect the company's commitment to excellence – a passion to create new definitions of possibility for those who seek to push their limits.

Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, Oakley offers ultra-light models of sunglasses and frames, while maintaining a relatively high resistance to mechanical damage. The company has refined its models to the highest level. Even the hinges on all Oakley prescription glasses are designed to optimize their performance and enhance the functionality of the frame. Spring and double-adjustable mechanisms were used here. The latest eyewear models feature hollowpoint hinges inspired by solutions to optimize motorcycle wheels. This allows the hinges to move with grace and fluidity, while also being more durable, so the mechanism in Oakley glasses will last for many years. In addition, Oakley eyewear models use monoshock hinges with an additional element that locks the frame to the rest of the frame to improve the dynamics and operation of the hinges.