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Oakley Frogskins™ Eyewear Collection

Oakley is a US-based brand with a mission to make the lives of today's people more vibrant and eventful. It creates collections with unusual designs for unusual personalities. Each of us builds our own image with comfortable and practical items, including eyewear. Oakley Frogskins Collection is designed for those who want to look inimitable and elegant in every second of their lives. It guarantees unparalleled comfort and absolute safety in all circumstances, regardless of the weather and lighting. The Frogskins was Oakley's answer to the needs of urban youth in 1985. It was a time of global change, and many people looked at them through Oakley eyeglasses and sunglasses. Why? Because they are original and practical in every detail and every aspect.

Oakley Frogskins Eyewear Collection

The unisex styling and variety of color options made the Oakley Frogskins Collection mega-popular in the latter half of the eighties, rivaling Steven Spielberg's Back To The Future. True beauty does not leave the stage for long. That is why the Frogskins returned to us again in 2007, after a break of fifteen years. During this time, the company has made many new inventions, which are implemented in the new collection. We are talking about integrated molded hinges, O Matter (Oakley's patented nylon-based material), a variety of PRIZM lenses (to make everyday activities more enjoyable), and, finally, Unobtanium. A couple of warm words should be said about this legendary material, especially since it actively responds to an increase in body temperature.

Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses

Unobtanium is another of Oakley's patented materials that are used to increase grip while sweating. The more one sweats, the tackier and sticker the surface of contact with the skin becomes. Unobtanium is incorporated into the nose pads of the Frogskins Lite OO9374 semi-rimless sunglasses for men. This model is oversized and is available in several shades of lenses. The Frogskins Mix OO9428 Full Rim Round Sunglasses is another reincarnation of the Frogskins vision accessories from 1985. The model has a wide metal and plastic frame with Unobtanium around the ears for maximum strength and grip. It is suitable for men who move a lot, sweat, and can drop their sunglasses in a sudden movement. But not in this case. This accessory is presented in several shades of lenses.

Oakley Frogskins Frames

Elegant and practical, the OO9428F sunglasses are a variation of the previous model. It has a comfortable round metal and plastic frame, although it can be mistaken for Cat-Eyes or Butterfly. Oakley is not afraid to break the rules, offering its customers quality and comfortable accessories for everyday wear and formal events. Fashionistas around the world like this approach, so the number of products sold is steadily growing. Stylish and modern, Frogskins OO9013 sunglasses will appeal to successful men who prefer to look elegant and flawless under any circumstances. The model has a plastic frame, keyhole nose bridge, and O Matter construction, so it is very comfortable during training, competitions, and other dynamic situations.

The Frogskins (A) OO9245 Full-Rim Square Sunglasses are for the gentleman who wants to look a little more determined and confident. The wide plastic frame makes this possible. The model is presented in an assortment of original color patterns, including gradient lenses in different shades. Oakley's casual accessories go with every style and aesthetic preference. In the brand's portfolio, anyone can find the perfect model for their face and appearance. There is a wide choice of modern designs for every taste and whim. The Oakley Frogskins Collection is a revival of a classic with innovations that improve wearing comfort and eye safety. The successful brand creates stylish and modern accessories for successful people who value their time, energy, and money.