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Oakley Lifestyle Eyewear Collection

Oakley™ - Cmdn OO9467

$111.96 - $121.96

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Oakley™ - Hstn OO9464

$111.96 - $156.99

Oakley™ - Latch OO9265

$106.69 - $157.60

Oakley™ - Sylas OO9448

$94.48 - $137.73

Almost 50 years ago, the son of a pharmacist, Jim Jannard, from Los Angeles, had an idea of creating motorcycle grips that didn't get slippery from liquids, but actually had better grip. So the hitherto impossible driving in the mud should have become possible. It occurred to him during his own motorcycle tour of the US South Coast, which he embarked on after dropping out of pharmacy school. Jim Jannard sold these homemade grips from his garage. It was an absolute innovation at the time, and the product was a success. Even today, the B-1B steering wheel is well-known in the racing scene and is used in a variety of ways. However, the real breakthrough came with another product that finally caught the public’s eye: the legendary Oakley sunglasses and frames. This is eyewear with a special curvature of the lenses, which ensures clarity and expansion of the field of vision.

Oakley Lifestyle Eyewear Collection

The Lifestyle collection is a perfect balance between convenience, style, and high quality. It contains many memorable models. For example, the Oakley Sylas OO9448 is a classic model of glasses with reliable characteristics. Going beyond the standards, this new model boasts improved everyday features such as a headwear-compatible design. They also feature lightweight frames and Prizm lens technology. Holbrook OO9102 has a timeless classic design that is combined with modern Oakley technology. Inspired by TV characters from the 1940s, 50s, and 60s, this design embodies the spirit of discovery and adventure. The iconic American frame design, accented with metal studs, is perfect for those who are looking for a balance between performance and style.

Oakley Lifestyle Sunglasses

In its Hstn OO9464 model, Oakley combines progressive design with traditional functions. These men's glasses have distinctive modern round lenses. The Hstn features Prizm lens technology and upgraded curved temples. Lightweight and durable, the O-Matter frame provides all-day comfort and is available in two sizes for a perfect fit. Oakley manufacturers have long experimented with the combination of art and technology. The idea was to develop a simple and authentic style for everyone who is not just following their life path, but also leaving deep traces in the process. This is how Oakley Fuel Cell OO9096 was born - the embodiment of irrepressible originality and elegant appearance. This not only proves that authenticity speaks for itself, but also that it is infallible.

Oakley Lifestyle Frames

Inspired by Oakley's best-selling Turbine Rotor OO9307 sunglasses, this single toric version combines extended coverage with interchangeable logos and non-slip Unobtainium zone inserts for superior levels of performance and style. While developing the Cmdn model, Oakley took inspiration from cultural trends while staying true to its heritage. The resulting men's sunglasses are a new interpretation of the iconic Shield brand with a progressive, eye-catching design. Cmdn OO9467 features a wide field of vision and curved temples (influenced by Oakley's Razor Blades, a nod to the brand's past). The durable yet lightweight O-Matter frame provides durability and all-day comfort. What started as a small idea has now grown into an empire that supports athletes around the world to push themselves and achieve great results.

Passionate, daring, inspiring, and authentic - the combination of competitive sport and lifestyle is at the heart of the brand. Hundreds of athletes live in this spirit. Oakley supports them with the best gear and redefines what's possible. The best athletes have been wearing brand models for more than 40 years, thanks to which the brand and its iconic glasses are known all over the world. What makes Oakley eyewear so special is its roots in sports. Each model, whether sun protection or corrective, uses years of experience and patents in the sports performance segment. The company never gets tired of surprising the optics market with new sun protection and correction innovations. The brand divides its products into different segments in order to offer the right model for any life situation. And the Lifestyle collection has an emphasis on everyday, universal style.