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Oakley Flak® Eyewear Collection

Since its inception, the Oakley brand has eschewed mediocrity, blurring the lines between style, form, and function. Therefore, Oakley products break all conventions. In 1984, Oakley revolutionized the world of sports eyewear. As a result, they were shown to the public and captured the mass imagination. A passion for innovation is reflected in every Oakley product category, thanks to which the brand has received more than 600 global patents in technology and design. Oakley continues to surprise by pushing the limits, bringing technology to the level of art, all for those who are just as creative with their sporting interests and achievements. The Oakley Flak is part of the "Performance Line"- the brand’s most technically advanced eyewear designed specifically for professional athletes.

Oakley Flak Eyewear Collection

Oakley Flak sports glasses are created with XYZ Optics technology, which allows for maintaining optical correctness in horizontal, vertical, and depth. Manufacturers use moisture-wicking, interchangeable Unobtainium, providing a soft and secure hold on glasses. The company uses patented, interchangeable temple tips for a snugger fit during sports. ANSI Z87.1 is developed by the American Standards Institute for the safety of eyeglasses, it meets all requirements for the optical properties and mechanical strength of frames. In addition to Oakley glasses, only space and military optics are subjected to such tests. Products are equipped with black iridium polarized lenses for maximum protection for your eyes from UV light as well as glare from water, snow, and shiny objects. All models in this collection are framed with a very light and durable O-Matter material.

Oakley Flak Sunglasses

OO9363 is the ideal eyewear model from the Flak collection with extended coverage. Oakley has taken care of the customers and has come up with special lenses that are developed according to new technologies and tests. With them, each buyer will feel maximum protection in a wide range of demanding conditions. A durable and lightweight design ensures comfortable wearing. Prizm Deep Water Polarized lenses transmit up to 12 percent of the light. And thanks to the increased contrast and bright light, everything will be visible in the colors you are used to. Polarized Prizm has also been developed for all Flak glasses, including the stunning rectangular Flak Beta (A) OO9372, to reduce glare and bring out all the details.

Oakley Flak Frames

Lightweight plastic frame material with metal accents in the Flak 2.0 XL OO9188 semi-rimless Oakley’s model will not interfere during any activity. And due to the thoughtful design, the accessory will not squeeze the head. Matte Gray Smoke/Prizm Road lenses provide maximum contrast, a wide area of view, and better visibility. Glasses protect the eyes from the sun's glare. They allow the human eye to see details that would normally be missed by the naked eye. It is possible to notice the little things earlier, and the color reproduction is more contrasting and deep - the impression of what the person sees improves. High Definition Optics (HDO) technology is responsible for visual clarity at all viewing angles, preventing eye strain.

The Flak 2.0 (A) OO9271 sunglasses from the Flak collection are perfect for cycling, sports, and outdoor activities. This is indicated by Prizm Road technology, which helps cyclists evaluate changes in road surface texture as light and shadow change. But it is also suitable for any other activity related to driving and the road in everyday life. Prizm is a revolutionary technology in optics built on decades of color science research. Such lenses provide unparalleled control over the light transmission, allowing you to fine-tune color reproduction to maximize contrast and enhance visibility. Combining the latest innovations in sports optics, Oakley has been able to create a unique Flak collection - a range of exceptional quality sunglasses.